Lamar Consolidate high school senior centerfielder Shenita Tucker is not only leading off in the batting order for the Illusions Gold select summer softball team, she is also leading with her play. 

  Even though COVID-19 cut Tucker’s junior season short, she still managed to be nothing short of spectacular hitting a .380 batting average to start the year off.

  During the summer she has played an huge part in the Illusions offensive attack that’s current record stands at 21-7-1. 

  When Illusions Gold manager Tony McFarland was asked about what Tucker’s bat adds to the offense, he stated, “She brings speed and leadership. She is more focused every game we play and she puts herself out there.”

  The Defender spoke with Tucker after the Illusions 10-3 victory over The Sandlot wherein Tucker brought in two runs after kicking the game off with a triple and stealing her way to third base after a walk.

Defender: How would you describe your style of play?

Tucker: “I’m aggressive and I’m intimidating to other people in the box because I carry myself to a very high standard.”

Defender: Walk us through that lead-off triple against Sandlot?

Tucker: “I just kept my spirits high. Knowing I had 2 strikes I knew I would have to battle and fight.”

Defender: Keys to success hitting?

Tucker: “Me being a slapper, I can power slap, I can swing away,  I can bunt. I can do it all.  So, that is why people have problems with me in the box. They don’t know what I am going to do.”

Defender: Describe how you use your speed to your advantage when base running?

Tucker: “When I know they aren’t going to throw me out I just try to use my speed to my advantage.” 

About Shenita Tucker

Class: 2021

Commitment Status: Uncommitted

Twitter: @shenita01

Hobbies: Working out

Food: Shrimp and Crab legs 

Shoutouts: My parents and brother Stanley