Madison LT Nicolas Golden: the mountain of a man-child
Nicolas Golden (54) puts a Sharpstown HS pass rushers on his behind. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Madison High School junior left tackle Nicolas Golden is a 6-foot-6, 280-pound man-child who blocks with bad intentions on the Marlins O-line.

Whether it is clearing a hole with a pancake block or pulling off the edge, Golden leaves many opponents in terror knowing he could be coming with each and every snap.

Golden on the sideline with coaches and teammates. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

In Madison’s 54-0 blowout victory over Sharpstown, Golden wreaked havoc on the Apollo’s defensive front all night.  It got to the point where Golden was blocking players all the way to the sideline with their coaching staff.

As a junior, Golden has raw talent, but with the proper training, workout schedule and guidance, he could easily end up as one of those surprise impact players coming out of H-Town when all is said and done.

The Defender spoke with Golden after the game against Sharpstown to discuss his style of play, keys to success and more.

Style of play

“I like to be aggressive and go out there and do my thing with my teammates.”


“I just have that drive that I want to play.  I’ve got that fire in me.”

Improvements needed

“I have been working on kick stepping, placing my hands and my stance.”

Keys to team success

Nicolas Golden. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

“We need everybody.  This win [vs. Sharpstown] was a group effort and we have to play for everybody as a key to success.”

About Nicolas Golden

Instagram: @playamade.nick

Players he studies: Trent Williams, Evan O’Neal and Jason Kelce

Favorite artists: Meek Mill, YoungBoy and Future

Shout-outs: “All my coaches and my teammates.”