Kingwood High School pitcher Masyn Winn describes himself as a “dog” who attacks on the field. In the 7-5 Game 1 victory over Lamar in the regional semifinals, Winn only gave up one run throughout the first six innings of play. It’s an impressive stat when considering that Lamar had averaged nearly nine runs a game throughout this year’s playoffs.

Kingwood baseball coach Kelly Mead considers Winn a playmaker. “Masyn is our three-hole hitter in the batting rotation and has also been producing for us all year,” Mead said. “He is one of the guys that we want up, the guy that we want in position to make a play. He is a very vocal leader and the team respects him which is great.”

The Defender spoke with Winn after the victory over Lamar to discuss how he fell in love with the game, his keys to success on the mound against Lamar and his style of leadership.

Defender: How would you describe your style as a pitcher?

Winn: Honestly, I’m just a dog. Whoever is up at the plate I am just going to attack and play my game. I am not going to worry about the hitter. So, I just like going out there and competing.

Defender: How did you get into baseball?

Winn: My older brother is the reason just because he started playing when he was a young age and my mom loves the game. She originally wanted me to play football but I just kind of gravitated toward baseball.

Defender: What were your keys to success on the mound against Lamar in Game 1?

Winn: I gave up that one run in the first because I didn’t have enough control of my command but after that my defense helped me big time. I didn’t have the strikeouts I usually have but my [teammate] Tre Richardson absolutely went off on defense and he really helped out.

Defender: How would you describe your leadership style on the team?

Winn: I would say Tre and I, as juniors, we talk a lot and Tre is more of a natural born leader for sure while I have to talk and go about my things differently. But if you step up and make big plays over and over then the team will start looking toward you and that is what I do.

About Winn

IG: @masynwinn

College commitment: University of Arkansas

Baseball player he studies: Marcus Stroman

Favorite food: Steak

World problem he would solve: Hunger

Shout-outs: “Mom and A.Y. rest in peace”