Over the past decade Historically Black College and University (HBCU) North Carolina A&T has consistently been on the main stage of collegiate track competition in the championship rounds.  And after signing arguably two of the best track stars in the greater Houston area, I’m excited to see what A&T will do with this duo on the next level.

Clocking a silver medal 10.31 second time in the 100m dash, Shadow Creek sprinter Issac Henderson is a pure speed guy that can also be a threat in the 4x100m relay and on the football field as a wide receiver and/or return specialist.

Golden girl Tairah Johnson won her second consecutive gold medal with relative ease in the 100m hurdles.

The Defender spoke with Issac Henderson and Tairah Johnson after their podium pics to discuss their style of plays, commitments to North Carolina A&T and more.

100m Hurdles Win

Johnson: “I made sure I got my hips up so I could go over the hurdles and I chopped my arms as fast as I could so I could go faster through the hurdles.”

Back 2 Back Gold Medals

Johnson: “I just executed and did what I do in practice.”

Keys to Success

Johnson: “Focusing and determination.”

Henderson: “Just get out good and finish the race because it is a short race and I just try to finish quick.  It takes a lot of practice.”

Lessons Learned

Henderson: “Just prepare more. I feel like right in between regionals and state I started slacking off a little more and you have to stay locked in all the time.”

North Carolina A&T Commitment

Henderson: “They produce a lot of fast people.  And they don’t just come in fast.  They get faster consistently.”

Johnson: “I choose them because they are an HBCU and I really enjoyed the team and the coach was really interested in me.  I also want to be a veterinarian and they have a really good vet program.”

Advice to Others

Henderson: “Just work because size really doesn’t matter.”

About Issac Henderson

Twitter: @issac_4x

Track Stars He Studies: “Runners I Run Against.”

Hobbies: Chilling with family

Shoutouts: “Coach Glen and my mother.”

About Tairah Johnson

Twitter: @hurdlequeentt

Instagram: @hurdlequeentt

Track Stars She Watches: Alison Felix

Shoutouts: “My dad and coaches.”