Pearland Pitcher Mark Zapata Never Quits
Zapata throws a shutout game through six innings a 3-2 Regional Quarterfinals win over North Shore. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Pearland High School junior lefty pitcher Mark Zapata, a Texas State University commit, threw a heck of a game in a 3-2 closeout victory over North Shore High School in the Regional Quarterfinals.

At 6’4 180 lbs. Zapata has the frame to make a name for himself. His pitch velocity is just under 90mph with an average spin rate of 2,161.

In a multi-rain delayed win over North Shore, Zapata displayed his ability to maintain control of his pitches in and out of the strike zone when he left North Shore scoreless throughout the first six innings.

When Pearland head baseball coach David Rodgers was asked about his ace pitcher, Rodgers stated, “He just battles and never quits.”

 The Defender spoke with Zapata after the Regional Quarterfinals to discuss his style of play, the game against North Shore and keys to success moving forward in the playoffs.

Style of Play

“Honestly I just try to go after them, not be picky with any of my pitches, and make them earn it if they are going to get a run.”

Regional Quarterfinal “W”

“Without my team we wouldn’t be here. They helped me by picking my spirit up. And after going into the game confident I feel like we earned it.”

Overcoming Rain Delays

“It ruined the vibe a little bit, but the only thing you can do is play with heart and stick through the game working hard.”

Team Culture

“Since day one we have had the best team chemistry in Texas. Our friendships and the way we play with our heart, and our passion for baseball is unbelievable.”

Moving Forward

“We just need to keep doing everything we are doing right now, working hard as a team.”

Mark Zapata. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

About Mark Zapata

Twitter: @ZapataMark21

Travel Team: Houston C2

Players He Studies: Yu Darvish, Trevor Bauer and Adonis Chapman

World Problem He Would Solve: Homelessness

Shoutouts: “My dad and mom, because without them I would not be here right now.”