When you think of the Ridgepoint Panthers and the playoffs, you may tend to see them as a shoo-in. The Panthers have made the playoffs every season for the past 11 seasons.

Last season, the Panthers beat both Katy Tompkins and Houston Lamar, but fell short in the third round to Atascocita. This season, the Panthers hope to get back into playoffs and rewrite history.

With only two starters from last season coming back on the defensive side of the ball, and six on the offensive side, the Panthers will have newcomers filling big roles. Two of those newcomers are the Drummer twins, better known as the Twix brothers.

“Last season we started calling ourselves, the Twix brothers, ‘Right Twix, Left Twix,’ because my brother Wesley is right-handed and I’m left-handed,” said Quincy Drummer.

Wesley and Quincy are not twins, however. There’s a third brother, Xavier, making these brothers triplets.

“My brother Wesley and I are identical, but we’re not identical to our brother Xavier,” said Quincy.

The triplets were born on February 14, 2006, in West Palm Beach Florida, and then moved to Texas in 2007. Five years later, they were playing football.

“We started playing football at five years old for the Fresno Gators in the Fort Bend Youth Football League,” said Wesley. “We played with several teams growing up in that league, Sienna Stallions, Seahawks and Titans.”

Once the brothers entered middle school they continued their love of football at Billy Baines Middle School in Missouri City, then went on to attend Ridgepoint High School where they began to make a name for themselves. During freshman year they all played freshman football, but their sophomore year Wesley and Quincy played junior varsity while Xavier was moved to the varsity level.

“My brother Xavier played on the defensive side of the ball, while my brother Quincy and I played on the offensive side of the ball,” said Wesley.

Soon after Xavier lost his love for the sport, there were only two Drummer brothers left playing, Wesley and Quincy. Their junior season they were given the opportunity to play varsity at the running back position behind a very talented Ezell Jolly who now plays at UTEP.

“Playing under Ezell taught me a lot about the importance of balance,” said Quincy. “As a running back your body is going to be in different positions as you go through the holes, so staying on your feet is going to require you to have a lot of balance.”

“Ezell had great patience. I watched how his eyes worked in the backfield and what he was looking at. This helped me become the running back I am today,” said Wesley.

“Man, they’re workhorses,” said Ridge Point head coach Rick LaFavers. “I can’t even tell them apart until they have their numbers on. But they are tremendous young men, they run hard, and they come to work. It’s all business with them. They’re a great one-two punch all night long.”

Last season both Wesley and Quincy received all-district honorable mention for their play.

I feel like it was a confidence booster, but it also felt like there were people who thought other running backs were better than me, and I didn’t like that. Only being nominated to honorable mention, motivated me to work harder to be the best running back I could be,” said Quincy.

“I was appreciative to receive the recognition,” said Wesley, “but I also felt that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to get first-team all-district.”

With both brothers focused on becoming the best running backs they could be with an ultimate goal of being nominated to first-team all-district, they hit the camp circuit and began to put in the work.

“Coach LaFavers put out the camp list and our dad drove us to camps,” said Wesley. “We attended camps at TCU, SMU, Texas Tech, Texas State, Louisiana, PV and UTSA. We tried to meet as many coaches as we could to get them to see what we had to offer.”

Along with camps, the brothers also began working on their balance, agility, speed and power with coach David Ihedigbo, a trainer their mom introduced them to through church.

“Working out in the off-season helped a lot,” said Wesley. “I bench 300 pounds and squat 375 pounds. I try to work on both my upper and lower body but give my lower body enough time to rest as I don’t want hamstring or knee problems later in my career.”

Both brothers are currently uncommitted but hope to obtain enough film this season to convince recruiters they are a perfect fit for their program.

“One thing I look for in a program is, are the players winners and do they hold each other accountable?” said Quincy. “I want to play where the team wants to win.”

In college, Wesley plans to major in sports medicine while also pursuing his realtor license, while Quincy has an interest in both dermatology and agriculture.

About Wesley Drummer (#20)

Class: 2024

IG: @wesley.drummer20

Twitter: @wesleydrummer20

Position: Running back

Height & weight: 5-feet-9, 194 pounds

Players he studies: Jeremy Payne (Hightower), Dameon Pierce (Houston Texans)

Status: Uncommitted

Favorite artist: J. Cole

Favorite subject: English Language Arts

Shout-outs: Brothers Quincy and Xavier, mom, dad

About Quincy Drummer (#21)

Class: 2024

IG: @quincy_drummer

Twitter: @quincy_drummer

Position: Running back

Height & weight: 5-feet-8, 190 pounds

Players he studies: Seaquon Barkley (NY Giants), Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans)

Status: Uncommitted

Favorite artist: Drake

Favorite subject: Physics

Shout-outs: Friends, family, offensive line, Ridge Pont football

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