Every hooper has a bag of skills. The more they work, the more skills they have in the bag. Depending on the game, you’ll find them pulling out the necessary skill from the bag.

Hearing the name Joemoriah Ben from several other hoopers, I decided to see what skills she had in the bag. I quickly found out, the bag was endless.

Whether it’s pull-up mid range, crossover step backs, floaters or attacking the basket, Joemoriah Ben is a hooper with a bag loaded with skills.

Skills take years of practice to develop. Ben has constantly worked on her craft since elementary.

“I’ve been playing basketball since second grade,” she said.

Ben started playing basketball with Daniel Gibson’s AAU organization. Although she was a girl, she was allowed to play with the boys during summer ball. She would also play with Lady Dual as well as Houston United Hoops.

Playing with these quality organizations readied Ben to play varsity as a Freshman.

“I’ve always played up when playing AAU, so when transitioning to varsity, it was a smooth transition,” said Ben.

Motivated by the passing of her close friend, Ben doesn’t take anything for granted.

“[Her passing], it mostly motivated me to go harder because life is short. So do everything while you can, because you don’t want to say, ‘I wish I could do this’ or ‘I wish I could have done that.’”

Ben describes her work ethic as unstoppable; always working. She likes the quote, “To get the glory, you got to be the goat. To be the goat, you got to have the glory.” But Ben is much more than just a talented hooper.

When she isn’t pulling skills out of her bag, she’s singing in the Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church choir, where she’s been singing since she was three years old. Although Ben still has another year before attending college, while playing basketball at the next level she hopes to study business management.

“I want to own my own business one day, my own gym, doing sports therapy.”

About: Joemoriah Ben

Class: 2024

IG: @joemoriahhh.22

Twitter: @noonie_22

Hobbies: Singing at Church

Players she studies: Jadyn Donovan (Maryland Belles), Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns)

Favorite Artist: Le’Andria Johnson

Shoutouts: Grandma, Mom, Dad, Coaches, Coach Taylor