Jeric "J.C." Curtis (Photo by Jimmie Aggison)

Match the speed found on the gridirons of Florida with the tradition of developing baseball talent in the city of Houston, you could end up building the likes of a Carl Crawford or Mookie Betts down the road.

Tomball Memorial’s incoming senior centerfielder Jeric “J.C.” Curtis came to Texas with football on his mind. But after he got hurt another door opened for a baseball career that now has scouts watching out for him playing for the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy mid-summer.

JC’s 10.8 second 100m dash base running skills were on full display as he stole base after base, even serving up a juke move that put the catcher on skates before putting another run on the scoreboard.

The Defender spoke with Curtis after his game against the Mariucci 17U squad to discuss his style of play, journey to Texas and advice to other baseball players that hope to follow in his footsteps.

Jeric “J.C.” Curtis fakes out a catcher at the plate to add a point for his team in summer ball. (Photo by Jimmie Aggison)

Style of Play

“I play fast with a quick twitch and I play hard.”

 Journey to Texas

“I was born in Detroit and moved to Miami when I was two because all my family stayed in Orlando. Then, when I was in 5th grade, we moved to Houston.”

Baseball Start

“I broke my ankle playing football twice, so I played baseball just to have something to do. I have been playing now for about five or six years.”

 Advice to Youth

“With baseball you have to just keep your head up because it is a hard game. You are going to have times when you think you are doing bad, but you have to  just keep going with things like that.”

Jeric “J.C.” Curtis (Photo by Jimmie Aggison)

About JC Curtis

IG: @jericurtis305

Player He Watches: Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves)

Little League Team: Cypress Mustangs

Shoutouts: “My mom who is the hardest working woman in the world, my dad, my brothers and everybody out there in Florida.”