Based on a Defender High School Sports survey conducted where we asked high school athletes what musicians they like to listen to, this is the Defender High School Sports Top 5 Musicians Athletes Listen To.

5. Megan Thee Stallion

Every single female athlete that was asked who they are jamming had Megan Thee Stallion on their list.  While the Queen B Beyonce did have a vote or two with the high school kids, Megan stood out the most across the board.  I still love you B.

4. Drake

You can say what you want about Drake being caught up in his feeling with his music, but at the same time Drake can get people ready to go too.  Most of the votes from Drake came from dudes from the suburbs and oh yea the ladies still love Drake.

3.Lil Durk

Being honest Lil Durk surprised me with a Top-3 finish, nearly doubling the votes going to Drake.  I had him Top-10 in my mind but the numbers don’t lie. Durk is legit in high schools across the city.

2. Lil Baby

Lil Baby has consistently been the voice that keeps playing in high school circles.  From the hood classics Lil Baby did with Lil Durk on their “Voice of the Heroes” project to the impactful “Bigger Picture” song Lil Baby dropped after the George Floyd killing.  This guy gets it.

1. NBA YoungBoy

Without a doubt, YoungBoy is the hottest musical artists with high school audiences. Period.  It was crazy how some of the high school kids would look at me as if it weren’t even a question when asked.  No matter where you go YoungBoy is there.  You can hear YoungBoy in the football locker rooms, weight rooms and everywhere else except during games due to his explicit content.