Westbury PG Tre’shon Clay Is Fearless
Tre'shon Carter. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

When watching NBA and NFL games, leagues where giants rule, it always amazes me when I witness the smallest guy on the court or field making the biggest impact on the outcome. But big impact coming in small packages is becoming more and more common.

 With the Super Bowl fast approaching, several odds makers are predicting the outcome of the game may come down to how many yards 5’10” 185 lb. wide receiver Tyreek Hill, one of the smallest players on the field, racks up. And with the success of Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Kyler Murray, NFL scouts have been forced to dismiss the myth of “undersized” quarterback prospects not being NFL-worthy. 

We see this on the hardwood too, as experts today say basketball has become a small man’s game with the emergence of superior guard play from guys you wouldn’t imagine were in the league if you saw them on the street.  

The 5’11” Westbury High School senior point guard, captain Tre’shon Clay, appears to carry this same gene of refusing to let his size determine his will to lead his team to victory.

Despite Westbury being undersized as a team this year, Clay’s leadership has kept them in second place in their district with a 9-4 overall (5-2 district) record. On offense, Clay moves like Allen Iverson or Russell Westbrook in how he attacks the basket with a fearless abandonment and sets the pace. And on defense, he is constant communicator.

 When Westbury head coach Robert Maxey was asked what makes his captain point guard so special, he stated, “He is just a phenomenal kid in the classroom, outside of the school, takes care of his business with his books, he works so hard, and he is dedicated to his craft.”

“He is one of the better players I have ever coached and that is beyond basketball. He is a great human being and that is what I believe makes him a great leader.”

The Defender caught up with Tre’shon after Westbury captured a doubleheader victory over Sam Houston and Westside, to discuss his style of play, leadership and keys to success for Westbury so far.

Tre’shon Carter playing defense. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Style of Play

“I am very athletic, I am a great facilitator, I can create my own shot and I play defense.”


“I point out my team’s weakness and I try to build my team’s confidence up even though they may have made a mistake.  I try to stay positive.”

Tre’shon Carter driving the lane. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

Attacking the Basket

“I don’t fear anybody.  Nobody can stop me when I am going at the rim. I have no fear and that is my mindset all the time.”

Team Success

“Every day we come to practice to work hard. We know we are undersized and we are the underdogs every time we play, so we have to play extra hard.”

Moving Forward

“We have to execute. We have to improvise what team’s game plan against us. They are going to try to slow us down, but we have to just keep playing our game and keep our same pace.”

About Tre’shon Clay

Instagram: @foreva.ts

Basketball Players He Studies: Allen Iverson, Russel Westbrook and Kevin Garnett

Favorite Artist: Lil Baby, Youngboy, Lil Durk and King Von

Hobbies: Watching Netflix and working out.

Shoutouts: My dad C Major, Josh J, J money, T Von and J Dawg

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