Westfield senior quarterback transfer Preston “P.J.” Hatter hasn’t missed a step coming into a new Mustang offense from Klein Oak.

With sub-4.4 40-yard dash speed, Hatter has dual-threat capabilities to use his legs when needed; however, don’t get it twisted, Hatter has an arm that can make all the passes.

In Hatter’s first game he threw an efficient 6 touchdowns with limited snaps, and in the most recent 51-29 victory over state-ranked Hightower, Hatter added 5 more touchdowns, totaling his count to 11 touchdowns in his first two starts.

When Preston’s father Preston Hatter Sr. was asked about his feelings about his son’s spectacular performances so far, Hatter Sr. stated.

“We have been doing this since little league.  And it is just another day at the office pretty much.”

“This year we are throwing the ball more and that is what I wanted to see him doing.” Hatter Sr. continues.

The Defender spoke with Hatter after the Hightower game to discuss his style of play, keys to success, leadership, and more.

Style of Play

“I am a very elusive player.  I can throw really deep and can read defenses.  I can do everything they say I can’t do.”

Smooth Transition

“Just trusting Coach Hill to lead me right and trusting the process.”

Chemistry with New WRs

“Me and DeDe (Palomo) go way back.  From little league, we have been playing with each other since we were five years old and the connection has always been there as you can see.  And we are going to continue to show people that it is there.”


“I try to show people that you can be disciplined.  I show different ways of doing stuff and I am just a natural-born leader. And everyone just wants to follow me. So I just do what I can do.”

Keys to Success Moving Forward

“Just stay disciplined.  We just need to get over that hump, keep our heads straight, keep working and we are going to be right there in the end.”

About Preston “P.J.” Hatter

Twitter: @PrestonHatter2

Height: 6-2

Weight: 195 lbs.

Players He Studies: Lamar Jackson and Josh Hill

Hobbies: Getting a message and Getting Body in Shape

Favorite Musicians: NBA Youngboy and Kodak Black

Shoutouts: “J.P. Tillman at Footwork Kings and long live Dylan and long live Cam because they were really close to me.”