Wheatley relay team shows progress after struggle

It should come as no surprise that the Wheatley Wildcats have outshone the other teams in their district. Despite taking an “L” at the finals of the TSU Relays, Rice Relays and Texas Relays, where in many cases Wheatley was outmatched by bigger programs, the school’s improvement was obvious.

Once Wheatley faced off against its district in the first round of the playoffs, the teams Wheatley faced were the ones who were outmatched. Wheatley’s boys’ relay team that includes Gervon Livingston, Treyvon Neal, Michael McKinney and Robert Gregory blew out the local 4A competition at the HISD district meet, taking home the 4x100m and 4x200m relay races. Neal was able to capture the 100m dash district championship as well. The Defender spoke with Wheatley’s relay team after their dominating performance at the HISD district meet.

Defender: Talk to us about what made you so dominant in the relays?

McKinney:We were blessed with these two guys [Livingston and Gregory] because I know I’m not fast. But I know if I pass the baton to one of these two, it’s over with. 

Defender: What were the keys to success in the 4x200m relay district victory?

Neal:Our first race was successful because of this man right here [first leg sprinter Livingston]. If he would have not given us such a good start-off I feel like we probably would have had to catch people versus having the lead that we had. 

Defender: What about the 4x100m relay you won in the next race?

McKinney:In the second race we just ran, we just ran like a mug. 

Defender: How do you intend on continuing the winning streak you’re on?

Gregory:Staying together.

Livingston:Everybody does their part; everybody keeps working hard and comes to practice.

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