Wheatley’s Robert Gregory put on a show at the UIL state track meet when he won the Class 4A 200m dash final in a 21.12 second time.The thing that made Gregory’s run so special is the way he made it look effortless. Gregory’s 6’4 frame grants him a long stride that resembles Usain Bolt in that it looks like he isn’t even running full speed as he scorches the competition. The Defender spoke with Gregory after the state track meet, discussing how he got into the sport, what his keys to success were and how he plans to repeat next season.

Defender: How would you describe your style as a runner?

Gregory:I run like Usain Bolt because he gets out slow but in the end he finishes.

Defender: How did you get into the sport of track?

Gregory:All my family had ran track before so I just inherited it. 

Defender: You and your team seemed to run just about every relay Texas had to offer this season. How did that prepare you for state?

Gregory:It prepared us because we saw the competition we would be going up against. So, by the time we got here (to the state track meet) it was easy.

Defender: What went on in the 200m dash state race and how did you pull off your gold medal finish?

Gregory:I just tried to go fast and finish strong.

Defender: As a junior, how do you plan to repeat next year?

Gregory:Just stay humble, thank God and put in the hard work. Then next season I am going to contend. 

About Robert Gregory

Class: 2020

Instagram: htx._robert

Secondary Sports: Football (Defensive Back) 

Hobbies: I just work on track all the time and football

Shoutouts: My grandma, Wheatley, momma, daddy, Big Mike, Colby, Trey, Devon, DJ, 5thWard and Alief

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Photos By: Jimmie Agisson