Worthing senior small forward and cornerback/wide receiver Dijwun Morgan can do it all as a spark plug that has helped drive the program for the last three years.

Morgan has demonstrated his offensive attack and constant unconventional hustle. This element of Morgan’s game was seen throughout Worthing’s overtime victory over Kashmere where he scored a put-back basket that forced overtime and then made an impact offensively and defensively in OT.

Worthing basketball coach Jason Lewis described Morgan’s character.

“He is a hard worker that is dedicated,” Lewis said. “He hasn’t missed a practice all season. He’s a football player that came straight off the football field to the basketball court. He fights through injuries. He has great grades and character.”

The Defender spoke with Morgan after the Kashmere win to discuss his style of play, among other things.

Style of Play

“My favorite thing is defense and playmaking.  I love to play make and do what I have to do to help my team get a win and play hard until the end.”

Shot That Forced OT vs. Kashmere

“My team needed it.  I know I came out in the first half kind of lackadaisical but I know my team really wanted to win so we can go to the playoffs. So, I trusted them with the ball, he shot it, I got the rebound, put it back up and forced overtime.”


“I am big on discipline on my team.  I get everybody to listen to coach even when we don’t listen very well I tell them what to do, we run our plays right and we execute.”

Keys to Success

“Stay focused, work hard and you never know.”

Push for A Playoff Spot

“Discipline. Be Coachable and We Can Go.”

About Dijwun Morgan

IG: @m0ney.dj

Players He Studies: Ja Morant and Odell Beckham Jr.

Favorite Musician: NBA YoungBoy

Favorite Subject: Pre-Cal

Shoutouts: “My coach man. He got me here. I train with him and he has just been keeping me focused to stay disciplined and everything pays off.”