Joseph Ross and Latrell Moore

After having only one full practice together due to the winter storm advisory, Yates still managed to enter the playoffs on fire defeating Sealy by a score of 92-71 in the first round Bi-District playoffs. 

While most eyes were on Yates 6’11” big man Chuks Isitua for obvious reasons, it is definitely noteworthy to cite the other starters that left their fingerprints all over the game complimenting Isitua’s game.

Yates seniors Joseph Ross and Latrell Moore have been locked in this season on both sides of the ball. In Yates’ notorious full court press defense, Ross and Moore helped create turnovers for Yates and in transition they both were effective in flipping those turnovers into easy buckets. Though Ross and Moore can both stroke it from three, Ross is probably the better shooter of the two, while Moore has a unique acrobatic ability to drive the lane like a freight train and finish at the rim with acrobatic creativity.

When Yates head coach Greg Wise was asked about what Ross’ and Moore’s games add to the roster, Wise stated, “With Latrell’s athletic ability we really ask him to be more selfish than he is. He is the kind of player that wants to pass the ball, but there are some games where we need him to be more selfish and more aggressive on the offensive end because as you can see once, he gets full speed he is hard to stop with his athletic ability.”

“Ross brings that experience with this being his third year on varsity. He is one of our better shooters. So, obviously with Chuks, who clogs defenses in, we have someone who can shoot that keeps the other team from packing their defense in.”

The Defender spoke with Ross and Moore after their win over Sealy to discuss what it was like maintaining focus this week through the winter storm, keys to success moving forward, and more.

Maintaining Focus This Week

Ross: “Coach G. Wise keeps us straight. We had only practiced the day before the game, and normally before gamedays we don’t go hard. But we went hard that day to prepare for gameday.” 

Style of Play

Moore: “I’m a two-way, flashy scorer. I can shoot, jump and really do everything.”

Ross: “Unselfish and defensive-minded. If I get a shot I shoot it. If I have an open teammate I am going to get it to them.”

Full Speed Driving Attack

Moore: “It’s just a mindset. You have to have a mentality when you attack the basket to do what you got to do to get the thang through.”

Creativity at the Rim

Moore: “I have been doing this since I was about four years old. Just sleep, eat and play basketball like every day.”

Spreading the Floor

Ross: “I just practice shooting on my off days when everyone isn’t working. I get on the shooting machine, shooting shots so I can hit them in the game.”

Sealy Victory

Ross: “We limited our turnovers and just went hard on defense. We are going to hit shots because that is what we do. We don’t miss much. So, as long as we hustle hard on defense, get a bunch of steals, we good.” 

Moving Forward

Moore: “We need to play for one another, push each other, motivate each other, and make every play count. Whether it is a loose ball, grabbing a rebound or just hustling and putting in hard work for the team.”

Joseph Ross. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

About Joseph Ross

Instagram: @treendy.jay

Players He Studies: Tracy McGrady and Kyrie Irving

World Problem You Would Fix: World Hunger

Hobbies: Reading and fishing

Shoutouts: Kyrie, Rube and all them seniors.

Latrell Moore. Photo by Jimmie Aggison.

About Latrell Moore

Players He Studies: Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan

Favorite Artist: Meek Mill, Chance The Rapper, Drake and NBA Youngboy

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, playing Madden and NBA2k

Shoutouts: All my teammates. Ya’ll boys played hard.