Jack Yates junior wide receiver, quarterback, and cornerback Jaquan Brandon has been like a swiss army knife for the Lions this season.

In a comeback playoff-clinching victory over Wheatley, Brandon not only redeemed his play on the field but also was a key leader in the locker room that kept the team’s spirits high throughout the victory.  Brandon finished the game with 272 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns.

Brandon also contributes to the Lions basketball program as a shooting guard that is a defensive specialist who snagged 8 steals against Wharton last season, and averaged multiple steals a game for the year.

The Defender spoke with Jaquan after Yates defeated Wheatley in the Battle of the Wards Classic to discuss his style of play, keys to victory in the Classic, and more.

Style of Play

“All over I am just athletic…Wherever the coach needs me I’m gonna go and play.”

Battle of The Wards (Wheatley) Win

“The keys to success were just don’t get frustrated because I got frustrated a lot but I hung in there and pulled out the victory.”

Keeping Team Up in Game

“We just had to keep the team up.  The locker room was down and everybody was down, but we brought everybody up and showed who the Jack Yates Lions was.”

Offseason Work

“I have really been working on being a quarterback.  Our starting quarterback was hurt so I had to step in and play.  So during the offseason, I was really focused on quarterbacking until he came back.”

What Are Looking for In Colleges

“It really doesn’t matter I just want to go to school and play.”

About Jaquan Brandon

Height: 5’7”

G.P.A.: 3.4

Instagram: @_liljj.01

Twitter: @JaquanBrandon22

Hobbies: “I’m a (basketball) hooper.  I used to do this (football) but I just got back into it.”

Shoutouts: “My mom, my granny, my O-Line, my teammates and my supporters.”