Hightower sophomore Bryce Griggs may be considered one of the best one-on-one high school basketball prospects in the city.

Griggs’ speed, dribbling ability and first step leaves defenders at a disadvantage off the dribble. His pull-up mid-range game is reminiscent of the late Kobe Bryant or Kawhi Leonard. Griggs’ knack for finding his spots on the court is also impressive.

From the 3-point range, Griggs has that James Harden gene. He has studied the way Harden rocks the competition to sleep with a dribble or two before either attacking the basket or using that same deadly crossover step.

Griggs, who is 15, has abilities beyond his years and is unafraid of the big stage.

When Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was in the house at Hightower’s sold-out game against Shadow Creek, Griggs posted an impressive 44 points against the one and only team that has defeated Hightower since Thanksgiving. .

Hightower head coach Stephen Woods had nothing but praise about his future star when he described Griggs’ offensive toolshed.

“His basketball IQ and ball handling are superb,” Woods said. “His scoring ability is superb, he’s a great team player and is an absolute joy to coach.”

Hightower’s roster may be deep enough to make some serious moves in the playoffs this season, and with Griggs at the forefront of the Hurricanes explosive offensive, the competition will find that he’s a legitimate threat in the iso.

Here is the Defender’s One-On-One with Griggs.

Style of play

“I really look to pass first to get my teammates involved…with my skill set as a scorer I just take whatever the defense has for me I’ll give them a move and create output…”

One-on-one game

“I always try to keep it to one shot by running out and converting in transition…”

Watson in the house

“It is always great to see great players support others. He talked to me outside and told me he loves my game. He said I have a pro game and just keep working and keep God first.”

Games ahead

“If we win these last games before playoffs we are the district champions. So, we are going to keep putting in work everyday because this is really just the beginning.”

About Griggs

Twitter: @griggs_32

Instagram: @griggsboy32

NBA players he studies: James Harden, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

Other activities: Gym, church and playing video games with friends before curfew

Shout-outs: “Family, people that motivate me and my supporters”

IG: @DefenderHighSchoolSports

See Bryce Griggs’ 44-point night against Shadow Creek: