Westbury senior shooting guard Khalif Allim, an Air Force commit, has a smooth touch that sometimes leaves spectators wondering if the basketball even went in the hoop with his flawless shot trajectory and stroke.

With the playoffs kicking off, Allim is looking forward to bouncing his team back for a Cinderella run after the Huskies experienced a tough loss to Heights in their final game of the season. Westbury had already secured the fourth and final playoff spot prior to tip-off.

Westbury head coach Robert Maxey described his pinpoint shooter as a team player.

“He likes to get his team active so that they can find him in the open spots. He likes to play away from the rim even though we encourage him to get by it,” Maxey said.

Here is the Defender’s one-on-one with Allim.

Style of play

“I like to think of myself as a high-level shooter. When there is an open shot my teammates expect me to knock em’ down. I can get to the basket if needed and I can be strong inside.”

3-point stroke

“It’s just focus. It started out in the gym working out. Then when I come to the games I just find my spots, follow through and make the shots.”

Lessons from Heights loss

“No matter what, keep fighting, playing and believe in your teammates the whole way through.”

Air Force commitment

“They had a vision and expectation of the type of player they see [as] in the future. They knew my style and didn’t want to change anything. I felt that the coaching staff really looked at me throughout my entire recruiting process. So, I really fell in love with it and made a relationship. I trust them and my family does, which is a great gift for me.”

About Allim

Instagram: @khalif1of1
NBA player he studies: Kevin Durant
Favorite artists: Drake, NBA Youngboy and Lil Uzi Vert
Shout-outs: “School, teammates, God, my family and everyone that helped me get to this point.”

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