Dickinson High School senior shooting guard Tramon Mark, a University of Houston commit, and senior point guard Marcus Williams, a Northern Colorado commit, have been balling out of control in the playoffs.

From start to finish the duo runs in max gear creating turnovers and scoring points in bunches. While Mark is a quiet playmaker who finds his spots to pull up shots wherever he chooses, Williams is the sparkplug that keeps the momentum up throughout the game.

With only a few games remaining before the state tournament, look for Dickinson to make some noise moving forward in the playoffs.

Dickinson head coach Jason Wilson praised his duo’s impact on and off the court.

“They both are a special talent,” Wilson said. “Along with that their leadership is more than just in their game-time performances. It is their day-to-day preparation that sets the tone in practice and carries over to the game.”

Here is the one-on-one with Mark and Williams.

Style of play (Mark)

“Very versatile. I can score and pass whenever I want to. I am going to come at you consistently…”

Finding spots on the floor (Mark)

“I feel like I can get to my spots with any defender at any time. Once I make a hard move and find my spots the ball is going up and probably going in.”

Confidence (Mark)

“This year I really trusted all my abilities and skills. Last year I was more laid back and didn’t really make myself a force, but this year I have made myself a force and I am where I am today.”

UH commitment (Mark)

“They let their guards rock out. So, if I go up there and do what I need to do, take care of myself and my body, I think I will do good.”

Kobe Bryant influence (Mark)

“Kobe was my favorite player growing up…I used to watch all of his highlights, I would study his game and he will always be my favorite player of all time.”

Game (Williams)

“I look to get my shot off. When I am coming down the court and the defender’s hand is down I look to pull up on them because for me that is an open shot. Then when I get in the lane. I am looking for Mark for the alley opp or one of my teammates because you can’t stay in front of me.”

Showmanship (Williams)

“Every day in practice we work hard and I feel like I am the energy source. So, if I am playing hard and doing my thing the team will play even harder.”

Next round (Williams)

“Just keep doing what we have been doing. We have to go out play hard and play defense, and when we [do] you can’t really stop us.”

About Tramon Mark

Class: 2020

Twitter: @RealBuckets11

National Ranking (Rivals.com): No. 85

Other NBA players he studies: Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry

About Marcus Williams

Twitter: @bucketMarcus

NBA players he studies: Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook

Favorite Artist: Gunna and Lil Baby

Shout-outs: Back court

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