Hightower’s 6-feet-8 senior center Ja Robertson came to the school’s basketball program as a transfer student from Lutheran High School in Kansas City, Mo. Today, Robertson has completely dedicated himself to his craft and become a centerpiece in an already loaded roster.

On the defensive side of the court, opponents rarely test Robertson, who either blocks or alters the shots of those who attempt to drive the lane for a hoop. On offense, Robertson makes himself effective in the pick-and-roll and is a cutting slasher to the basket.

After accumulating a 35-5 record this year and posting a stellar playoff showing, the Hurricanes are primed to be Houston’s representative from Class 5A at the state tournament in San Antonio. A big reason for this year’s success is new addition Robertson.

Hightower head coach Stephen Woods explained Robertson’s impact on the roster.

“I think he does a great job of walling up on defense and finishing around the basket,” Woods said. “His length is what really helps us because last year that was one thing we were lacking — a big man. And he is getting better as the season is going on which is exactly what we need.”

Here is the one-on-one with Robertson:

Style of play

“I play my role and just let the game come to me.”

Defensive presence

“Coach always tells me to keep my hands up so I stay out of foul trouble and be aware of everything that comes in the paint. So, I just try to be aware.”

Offensive playmaking

“I am staying strong, focused and play big.”

Hightower transfer

“I honestly didn’t know anything about Hightower. I was just zoned there…”

Winning state

“We have to be focused. We all know our goal is to play strong and play like every game is our last. We are going to be all right.”

About Robertson

Twitter: @Jarobertson13

Commitment status: Uncommitted

NBA player he studies: Anthony Davis

Favorite subject: English

Shout-outs: Mom, coaching staff and Hightower

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