NFL owners this week will review incentives to boost racial diversity in front offices including rewarding teams with higher draft slots if they hire a person of color as a head coach or general manager.

If a team hires a minority head coach, they will move up six spots in the draft before the coach’s second season. If the position was a general manager, the team could potentially move up 10 spots. If both positions were filled with people of color, that club could jump even further at 16 spots.

Accompanying the resolution will be another proposal that removes the league’s anti-tampering rule. If passed, assistant coaches will be allowed to interview for coordinator positions with other clubs, which is typically the most significant step to becoming a head coach.

There are currently four nonwhite head coaches and two black general managers in a league composed of about 70 percent African American players. Only one minority was hired as a head coach this year, Ron Rivera of the Washington Redskins.

At least 24 of the 32 NFL owners must approve of the measures for them to pass. They are expected to vote on the resolutions during a virtual meeting Tuesday.