Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson won big in court last week, and now, he’ll be back in the legal hotseat as he sits for another deposition in two more civil lawsuits alleging Watson’s sexual misconduct during various massage sessions.  

Tuesday’s deposition will sound nothing like last Friday’s. Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin says his client will answer questions, and for the first time, begin to share his side of the story under oath.

This latest deposition comes after a Harris County grand jury decided not to criminally charge Watson after listening to six hours of evidence and even testimony from some of the alleged victims.

Both Tony Buzbee, who represents one of the women suing Watson, and Hardin opted not to talk on camera ahead of the deposition.

Raising the stakes even more is the fact that the questioning will take place just hours before Watson is reportedly set to meet with multiple NFL teams interested in a trade with the Texans.

Typically it’s rare to find out what’s said in these types of depositions right away, but trial watchers said the rule book has already been thrown out the window in this case. She said it’s likely both attorneys may speak and divulge some of what happened during the questioning on Tuesday.