KIRKLAND HALL, 31, The Community of Faith Church, Preaching: 4 months

As a young minister, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used the pulpit to create a paradigm shift in our history and culture that continues to this day.  This change agent attracted a new generation of young people using the church as the foundation to demand the doors of opportunity be opened. Here, Houston ministers under 40 discuss how they hope to institute change, how to attract and encourage more young people and the role of the Black church in general.


“I would consider myself a changemaker because of my willing effort to make positive strides in the local community, society as a whole and in a generation. I seek to make impacts in the educational system, violence in the community, poverty-stricken communities and families, human and sex trafficking and many other needs of our people. If the only thing I can do is orate a sermon but not live a sermon in my daily life then my anointing is artificial. I strive to make a difference in every person’s life that I come into contact with on a daily basis.”


“The way to attract young people is by being authentic. We as a church/ministry have to show others that we understand what they are dealing with in their everyday life. While dealing with the needs of the people we have to stay true to the calling on our lives. Trends die out so they can work briefly but if we stick to the unchanging word of God and apply it appropriately to their lives then we can empower young people. We have to learn how to empower young people and build them up instead of telling them what they are doing incorrectly. Effective teaching is the key to attracting more young people. For example, my Senior Pastor Bishop James Dixon II has effectively taught a series, ‘The Power of Kingdom Concepts.’ This lesson empowered people of all ages but mostly it showed that living a kingdom life can separate you by showing your true identity, changing your mindset, walking in authority and finally taking territory.”


The role of the Black church today is distinctively what it has always been. We are purposed to meet the needs of the people just as Jesus did. The Black church today has to empower the Black community. As I stated before we have to develop who our true identity is, change our mindset and walk in our authority. We also have to make sure that we don’t forget our history within the Black church as a whole. The Black church is the change agent of today. We have to continue to stand up for injustice and not only be reactive but we have to be proactive. We have to lead our own to the polls, we have to run for offices, we have to make school board meetings because if we don’t, the Black church will be just a group of people shouting on Sundays…Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1st [1955] for refusing to give up her seat on the bus and on December 4th the Black churches organized the boycott and responded. The Black church has always been a pillar in the community and we cannot afford to lose our sacred institution.”