The Defender is celebrating ageless women who prove ‘Black don’t crack’.

Lorraine Mitchell, 91

Beauty regimen: Wash and moisturize twice daily, faithfully. 

Tips for looking great: Stay extremely  active. I stopped driving two weeks ago and still get to the mall and the hair salon.

Pam Gaskin, 72

Beauty regimen: Neutrogena face cleanse nightly. Kiehls Moisturizer daily and only wear makeup when absolutely necessary.

Tips to looking great: Drink lots of water and do Pilates 5 or 6 days per week.

Nina Wilson Jones, 56

 Beauty regimen: I drink cold pressed juice (Watermelon Water) in the morning to stay hydrated all day long. I rarely drink caffeine or soda and I drink alcohol socially but not often and I increase my water the day afterwards to rehydrate my body. I wash my face each morning using Dr. Milton Moore’s products for the day. Since my 40s, I cleanse my face at night using Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin and I usually use the Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer instead of the acne products if my skin looks tired from not enough sleep. I still get a professional facial every 2-3 months because instead of my hormones being too active because of my age, I work out regularly and perspire a lot so the sweat from my hair gets into my skin and can cause breakouts. 

Tips to looking great: Always wash your face at night and never sleep with makeup on. It will clog your pores and cause breakouts that you have to deal with for weeks or months. 

Juanita Davis, 53

Beauty regimen: I wear little to no makeup. I make my own face wash with different essential oil recipes.

Tips to looking great: Drink water. Lots of it.

Carla Braden, 51

Beauty regimen: Through cleansing of my skin every evening. Moisturize every morning and in the evening.

Tips for looking great: Drink lots of water, exercise and keep stress at a minimum. Stay positive and prayerful. 

Shantel Lofton, 50

Beauty Regimen: Every morning / night I cleanse with Neutrogena facial cleanser and witch hazel.  Moisturize with vaseline (the best kept secret).

Tips to looking great: Ladies, invest in a juicer. Drink a fresh vegetable and fruit juice every morning before you eat anything.This will give you the nutrients you need and also help to cleanse your body.Take a 30 minute walk every morning before you start your day. Drink lots of water, all day. 

Mavis Harris, 45

Beauty Regimen: I keep my relationship with God in tact. I’ve changed my eating habits, I’m a pescatrian (it’s not a denomination). I use a little vaseline  and Jergen’s lotion on my skin.  

Tips for looking great: I love to laugh.

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