attends BET Celebration Of Gospel 2016 at Orpheum Theatre on January 9, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Singer Chrisette Michele recently appeared on “News One Now,” to explain her decision to support Donald Trump and her message to her fans.

Who were you trying to heal?

Seeing a strong, Black woman who’s been a voice in this community for such a long time, I thought that I would be talking to us. I really did. That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been singing gospel music for a long time and I’ve been lifting people up for a long time. So this is something that I do on many stages. And this was just one stage. It was a political stage. It was a scary stage. And the message didn’t come across the way I intended it to.

I said this is an opportunity. And we went back and forth, for days really. With me saying, this is a way for us to tell us that we’re going to be ok. It was my idea to bring in Travis Greene and do a gospel song. At first they asked me to sing The National Anthem and I was like “Absolutely not.” So it’s not like I don’t stand for anything when I’m making my choices. But the choice to song about everything going to be alright and to keep hope alive and to keep God first, fell on deaf ears.

I think when you have a positive message and you’re thinking about uplifting people, you go by any means. If your heart is saying, ‘I gotta fix this.’ ‘I gotta show people that we’re going to be okay.’ You go by any means. You don’t cower down. My heart was in a place to bring some sort of healing. Again, I offended millions of people. It was detrimental to so many people’s hearts. Reading in between lines. You can read all the angry messaging but you can also read the ones where people say, ‘You really hurt me.’ And I’m sorry for hurting so many people, I really am.

A user wrote in saying, “Bless your heart for allowing CM to tell her story but we’re still not taking her back.”

All that I can do is apologize. All that I can do is say this is where my heart was, this is where my heart is, this is where my heart has always been. I have a history being this girl who goes into the scary places and singing music about hope. That’s just a part of who I am. So if they don’t accept me, that’s their decision. I’m still going to be uplifting. I’m still going to be a positive person. But I understand that people decide and make choices and I respect that.

I hire myself. So I wasn’t negatively impacted financially. It was more about not being able to say what I wanted to say. The loss for me is that I didn’t get my point across and the loss for me is that I hurt people. I didn’t do what I intended to do. If you go somewhere and you intend to heal and you break instead, that’s a loss. And again, for that I apologize.

Do you think you could ever make amends?

I think people are inherently good. That’s just something I believe. I don’t want to stop believing that. I don’t want to hate people back. I don’t want to be mean back. I think that there’s work to be done. There was a point where I couldn’t look at all of that stuff because it drove me to my lowest point. Looking at that brought me lower. And for my own health as a human as a person, I couldn’t make it so I couldn’t get out of bed each day. The stress of all that was too much for me to look at it. It was just one of those things when it was too soon. I took a while for me to heal. Now that I feel better as me as a person, I’m able to come out and speak and say ‘Hey.’ And then you say ‘Hey’ and it’s this big, scary backlash. So you say, ‘Ok, maybe now is not the time.’ So you just keep waiting. You keep telling yourself, ‘At one point they’re going want to hear from me and I’m going to get to say I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ And it’s been nine months.

Why do you think Travis Greene is not getting the same type of backlash you did?

Maybe he let it go sooner than I did. Maybe it didn’t affect him the way [it affected me.] He released music sooner than I did. He went out on tour sooner than I did for his new album and I just wasn’t in the place. It was a such an uncomfortable time for me. I was petrified to go back on stage. I didn’t know if people were going to throw things at me so he just bounced back faster than I did. That was not easy for me to do.

Do you think the miscarriage was a result of all the stress. 

I have a disease called PCOS. And PCOS when you’re deep, deep stress, it causes flair ups. And your body really shuts down. I have endometriosis and one of my ovaries was removed a little while ago. So the trying to get pregnant, in general, was a tough thing. Finally, to be pregnant and to lose the child had to deal with the stress and the PCOS.

There was a time when I said I’m done. I don’t want to be here. I’m in bed, bottle of Bacardi status. Just ready to go. It felt like I didn’t have any meaning anymore. Like, ‘Oh wow, they were never listening.If they think this of the girl who they called Chrisette Michele for these last eleven years then they never knew me. So I just felt like what’s the point of trying to do anything else.

I think that in life you make mistakes, you go through the consequences, you forgive yourself, you ask for forgiveness and then you grow tough skin.

You can watch the interview, in its entirety, in the video below.


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