With tremendous and increasing success, designer Travis Terry is using his 61-year-old mother as the face of his up-and-coming brand.

Travis, a Clark Atlanta University alum, shared in a recent interview that his brand IEMBE was born while he was just a sophomore at the HBCU.

The brand’s name is inspired by the phrase “in my bag,” and reflects Travis’ combination of business savvy, hard work and dedication toward making his designs a reality.

“When you say the name, IEMBE, you’re saying those letters, I-M-B,” Travis told TODAY. “And the meaning is really just trying to motivate and let other people know to be confident in themselves, get to the bag, which means get money, and just go in and grind and focus.”

IEMBE’s has had a meteoric rise, partly thanks to its viral campaigns.

Starring Travis’ mom Laverne Terry, IEMBE’s marketing has an edgy luxury streetwear vibe that proves anyone at any age can rock the brand’s styles and be an IT girl.

Laverne’s striking skills and beauty in front of the camera have even landed her a billboard in Times Square, despite having no prior modeling experience.

“It’s like the best time of my life. I’m 61 now. I’ve never been as happy in my life,” she told the outlet. “Age is nothing but a number.”

“The neighborhood we came from, the kids that he grew around, a lot of them don’t make it out,” reflected Laverne, speaking about her son’s success.

Travis further explained that involving his mother in his business is especially close to his heart after his father’s passing following the designer’s graduation from CAU.

“That was another reason why I wanted to do it, because I feel like I wanted to change the narrative of honoring your parents,” Travis shared.

“It’s a pinch-me moment, but it’s kind of like, I need somebody else to pinch me, right?” he lightheartedly added.

Regarding what the future holds for IEMBE, the designer said in a different interview that he hopes to start a non-profit connected to the brand that gives back to his community.

The designer also hopes to see IEMBE in Saks Fifth Avenue, in Bloomingdales, and on the arms of more celebrities as the brand continues to flourish.

Rick Ross, Fabolous, Jordyn and Jodie Woods, YK Osiris and more have all sported IEMBE’s clothing line, according to a local news source that covered Travis, a Hartford, Connecticut native.

The “IEMBE” bag retails for $300, and the “MINI IEMBE,” now sold out, sells for $175.