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When fall rolls around, you may feel like your bikini body got the memo. In fact, your fall wardrobe is suspiciously a size larger than your summer one. Do the stores just incorrectly size summer clothes to encourage people to buy teeny tiny shorts and tank tops? Is it all some grand scam? Or is it possible you just put on weight in the fall? It’s probably the latter (and a little bit of the former). A lot more changes in the fall then what’s on the clothing store shelves. The grocery stores also swap out their summer inventory for the items they know customers crave once it gets cold. The bars use new marketing techniques to get you inside (these usually include things like free hot snacks with your beer). Fall seems tailored for weight gain. Here are fall habits that make you pack on the pounds.

Seasonal depression makes you skip the gym

If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) then you might lose interest in things you usually enjoy or stop taking pleasure from activities that usually make you happy, including the gym. When you don’t quite get the endorphin kick you usually do from exercising, you won’t feel very motivated to do it.

Seasonal depression makes you crave carbs

SAD could also cause you to crave more carbohydrates. They can cause a blood sugar spike that can feel like happiness. For many of us, carbohydrates are also nostalgic. As children, we had cookies after school or mashed potatoes for dinner during the fall. So carbs provide comfort, too

You aren’t hitting the farmers market

The farmers market isn’t as appealing when it’s cold out. But going to the farmer’s market every week put you in a healthy mindset each week. Walking around all of that fresh produce and trying all of those healthy samples motivated you to eat well for the next six days. Now, you don’t quite have that motivation.

You want warm food

You’re cold and looking for any way to warm up, including from the inside. So you’re reaching for more hot foods. But hot foods are inherently heavier on the carbs and calories than things like salads and fresh fruit. Prepare yourself with healthy warm recipes like broth-based soups and sautéed vegetables.

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