Before Fort Bend Marshall high school senior wide receiver Chris Marshall’s junior season, recruits had him pegged as a highly talented basketball recruit.  But after a COVID pandemic offseason where Chris found 7 on 7 games with track friends as the best way to get his work in, Marshall has progressed into one of the premiere high school wide receivers in the 2022 class.

   Marshall’s competitiveness is on another level when going after leaping catches.  Standing at an athletic 6’4” 200lbs., Marshall is also a real threat in the open field breaking tackles and muscling his way to score.  Once Chris develops his route running to a pro level watch out because he has the hands and will to make it happen.

  When Fort Bend Marshall head football coach James Williams was asked what makes Chris such a talent, Williams stated.

“He is a playmaker and that is the great thing about him. He is a competitor whether it is in practice or in the game he goes 100mph.”

“He makes big plays and opens things up for everybody else to where you have to pay attention to him. He does a great job for us and makes a lot of big plays.” William continued.

  The Defender chopped it up with Chris Marshall post-game to discuss his style of play, move to football, keys to success and more.

Style of Play
“Physical and competitive. I am always willing to compete every play.”

Love of the Game
“That just comes with me being competitive. I am love with what I am doing and I am not going to do it I don’t love it.”

Move to Football
“What inspired the move was really Devon Achane. Just coming out there and playing 7 on 7 during the COVID pandemic. Going out there and playing football made me find a love for it you know what I mean. And football comes kind of easy for me.”

Jumpball Scenarios (Leaping Catches)
“That’s just me basically competing and making a play. If the ball gets thrown your way as a receiver you are supposed to make a play and that is what I was taught. So, anytime it comes my way I got to make a play.”

Keys to Success
“Staying focused, taking it week-by-week game-by-game, and going in there killing it.”

About Chris Marshall
Instagram: @chhris.m
Players He Studies: Stefon Diggs, Devante Adams, Keenan Allen
Favorite Musicians: NBA Youngboy
Favorite Food: Nachos and pasta
Shoutouts: “Long live my uncle Dan. Long live Unc and free J Green.”