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Kenya Moore delivers baby girl after pregnancy complications

At the age of 47, when some women are already grandmothers, actress and realty star Kenya Moore has given birth to her first child who came early because of health complications.

The birth of a baby girl – named Brooklyn Doris Daly to the (as of now) former star of Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her husband Marc Daly – happened early Sunday morning (11-04-18).


Moore had been scheduled to deliver later this month around Thanksgiving, but she delivered early because she’d developed preeclampsia.

Now that little Miss Brooklyn is here, Kenya appears to be doing better. In fact she updated her health situation with an Instagram saying …


“She’s so perfect and strong! Marc was incredible in the deliver room. I lost a lot of blood so I’m very weak but they both were strong for me.”

She added …

“God is so good. We are blessed and doing well. My heart is so full at the abundance of love for our family! We love you all.”

Moore announced that she was pregnant during the first part of the season 10 RHOAreunion.

“I’ve waited 47 years for this moment,” Moore told PEOPLE. “I didn’t really want to announce it too soon because I feel it’s very early on in our pregnancy. But I have suffered so much in my life when it comes to wanting a family around me. So this is the day I’ve been waiting for my entire life. It’s a dream come true.”