Mayor Sylvester Turner urges Houston companies and organizations to join the hundreds of their counterparts who already participate in Hire Houston Youth, the trailblazing program that matches the city’s youth with summer jobs, internships and apprenticeships that pay at least $8 per hour for seven weeks.

The program empowers applicants 16 to 24 years old to “learn and earn” as they plan and train for full-time jobs in Houston’s dynamic economy.

The addition of more employees to the program will enable it to reach the mayor’s goal of 10,000 jobs in summer 2019. HHY jobs have climbed by 2,500 every year since the mayor took office in 2016.

“An able and ready workforce is critical to ensure a strong economic future for Houston. I am committed to providing access to internships and job opportunities for our young people who live in the city. I call our corporate partners, other governmental entities, and community organizations to participate in the Hire Houston’s Youth program. Join us to increase access to quality ‘earning and learning’ opportunities for Houston’s youth,” Mayor Turner said. “We know we have made a sustainable, verifiable difference with HHY as it provides job learning, earning, experience, training and social connections.”

In lieu of providing summers jobs, employers can donate to the program, sponsor a subsidized youth to work at a non-profit organization and/or become vendor at a job or career fair.

To sign up, employers should visit and create an employer account. If you are unable to hire a youth, you can sponsor a youth to work at a non-profit by making a $2,500 tax-deductible contribution. If you wish to sponsor or support this program, please visit If you have questions, please contact