The Movement for Black Lives, a massive group including the Black Lives Matter movement, has launched a new project aimed at providing ‘electoral justice’ for Black people.

Organizers announced the Electoral Justice Project on Monday, a two-step project meant to give more power to Black people in their local communities. The first part of the project involves the creation of an Electoral Justice League to get Black organizers to champion Black issues on the community level. The second part will be a national help desk that organizers can call for help with electoral strategies.

“In this political time, we also believe that it is our duty to answer two critical questions: Is it possible to bring the clarity and radical vision that many of us have brought to the protest lines to electoral justice and civic engagement? Can we interrupt a political system that has taken advantage of our voices and fallen short to transform our communities?” organizer Jessica Byrd said.

“This is really historic. This global movement of black-led organizations all across the country is going to have a help desk that is going to work with them to build capacity and technical support for all of our electoral visioning up and down the ballot,” Byrd said. “We will also build a cohort of 15 black organizers who will work on localized strategies in partnership with those organizations.”

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