Ridge Point High School point guard Terrence “T.J” Ford Jr. has made strides as the team’s leading scorer, averaging 16.6 points a game through a battle-tested regular season.

Ford’s quick step, ball handling and passing abilities open the game up for him while pushing the ball up the court.  When Ford drives to the basket he uses a box of go-to-moves at the rim that make his game stand out. As a shooter, he has the range from three-point land.

Ridge Point finished the season with a 21-12 overall record, going into the playoffs with the second seed in Class 6A Region III District 20, arguably one of the toughest basketball divisions in Houston this year.

Ridge Point coach Darren Johnson admires Ford’s growth this season, along with “his competitive nature and how he goes about preparing every day.  He practices hard and works on his craft.  He has come a long way since August.”

The Defender spoke with Ford. Jr to discuss his style of play, playmaking abilities and more.

Style of play

“Just getting out running. Making sure that I am ahead of the ball making the right reads, getting my shot and getting to the lane.”


“My job on the team is to make everyone better and put everyone in perfect situations to make sure our team can succeed.  I can do that with my passing ability by breaking guys down and hitting my guys when they are open.”

His hoop legend father, T.J. Ford Sr.

“I [want] do it my own way, with my own style and my own flow.  I [need to get to the NBBA] and get it done. I really don’t hide from the shadow [of my father]. I embrace it.  He is who I am, he is a part of me.”

Playoff push

“Getting ready for the playoffs, I am working on taking care of my body because this season has taken a little toll…just get right for the playoffs and be 100% healthy.”

About T.J. Ford Jr.

Instagram: @therealtjford

Current offer: University of Texas Arlington

Players he studies: Steph Curry, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul

Favorite artist: Lil Durk and Big Scarr

Shout-outs: “My dad, my mom and my family…