Westside junior 400m and 800m dash runner Jordan Edmondson bolts off of the starting line in a way most would see in a 100m dash event.  And while most runners pace themselves in fear of burning out on the last leg, Edmondson keeps pace and normally maintains his first-place position somehow.

In the HISD district races, Edmondson advanced in the 400m dash event, and just missed the 800m dash cut with a 4th place finish behind Bellaire.  Look out for Jordan to make a splash going into his senior year next season.

The Defender spoke with Jordan at the District Meet to discuss his style of running, lessons learned and more.

Style of Running

“I look at it as a full on sprint.”

Lessons Learned

“I just learned to know your competition.  Know what the other guys are up to and don’t underestimate anyone.  Try to stay focused.”

Key to Success

“I just think confidence is the key.  You can’t compare yourself to other people because it doesn’t do you any good.  So, I believe just having that self-love for yourself and confidence is the real winner.”

Advice to Others

“Run the hell out of your races….Run at practice like you run at races because that will help you out a lot.  Stay confident and stay patient, keep your chin up even when times are rough you just go to stay focused.”

About Jordan Edmondson

IG: @rac3r.jordan

Runners He Studies: Darius Rainey

Current Schools Considering:  University of Texas, Texas A&M and Georgia Tech

Shoutouts: “My girlfriend and mom they are my two biggest supporters.”

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