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Blavity Inc., the media company behind AfroTech, 21Ninety, Travel Noire, Shadow and Act and Blavity News is hosting its AfroTech World Metaverse virtual event April 13- 14.

It is a two-day digital immersive experience for anyone interested in the future of technology. Metaverse has gained mainstream momentum in recent years and has inspired a bustling new economy that could potentially be another source of monetization.

“AfroTech is the largest conference for Black millennials and Gen-Z interested in tech and entrepreneurship, and professional development, said Jeff Nelson, co-founder and chief technology officer at Blavity Inc. “When COVID happened, we really wanted to think of a creative way to galvanize our community.”

The Metaverse is considered to be the next internet. It’s a shared virtual environment accessed via the internet where people can interact with one another often through virtual avatars. Attending virtual events, playing games, designing and trading digital land and other assets are just some activities that happen in this space.

“These technologies are the future. This is your chance to experience this world in the early stages,” Nelson said. “The content will demystify what the Metaverse is, what Web3 mean, what Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are, why they are valuable and how people can think of monetization long term.”

For those who are curious about the Metaverse, AfroTech’s theme this year is “One Metaverse. Endless Opportunities. The event will feature a lineup of tech innovators and industry disruptors.

AfroTech will partner with UNCF to award 300 scholarships for high school, undergraduate,and graduate students to attend the conference.

“For the first time we also have an NFT ticket option which entitles the holder of the ticket to have exclusive access to a discord channel with enhanced content and conversations. The NFT will grow over time and the holder will receive more benefits because they were early investors in this concept.”

For more information visit:  https://www.experience.afrotech.com/afrotech-world

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