Is it really your responsibility/problem if your best friend is in love with you? Well, sort of. He can’t help the way he feels! But you can help to what degree you torture the poor guy. Well, once you realize he’s in love with you. Often we only see what we want to see. So, if you want a great male best friend who will do anything for you and miraculously remains single so he’s always available to hang out with you, then that is exactly what you will see. If that guy also happens to tell you he just wants to be friends and he talks about his Tinder adventures and crushes, it’s even easier to continue to see the big, jolly lie that you’re enjoying and that he is suffering in. But we’re here to tell you deep down, he’s in love with you. And here’s how we know.

He never dates

Think about it; you’ve known him for years, and he’s never had a relationship that lasted more than two weeks. If you really think about it, he hasn’t necessarily talked to you about wanting a relationship. Except for the times when he has described his ideal relationship, and it’s the one you two have!

Except for when you start dating

The moment you mention that you’ve been seeing someone for a few weeks, your best friend mentions he has been too—out of nowhere. And he fumbles through his words when you ask about her. It’s almost as if she doesn’t really exist…

Then, he disappears

While your best friend was always available to hang out at a moment’s notice before, he becomes very busy the second you start dating someone. Why? Because he doesn’t want to see you with somebody else!

And re-appears with somebody

If you insist he hangs out with you and your new boo, he shows up with the mystery girlfriend he’s apparently been seeing for a month now. But he kind of ignores her and focuses on interrogating your date.

But if you complain about your date, so does he

The second you complain about your date, your best friend is totally on board with the fact that yeah, neither of you like your dates and all and you should just ditch them.

If things are getting serious with your date, so are things with his

Of course, if you suddenly decide you really like the person you’re seeing and could visualize a future there, your best friend happens to be thinking the exact same thing about the person he’s been dating.

When you become single again, so does he

Your best friend always miraculously becomes single within days of you becoming single. He’ll tell you he’d been thinking about ending things with so-and-so for weeks, but that’s funny because he never mentioned that before.

You’re always his plus one

Even when your best friend is dating somebody, he takes you as his plus one to weddings, office parties, family events and the like. He always insists the person he is dating just wouldn’t be into it.

You have a routine, and he hates when you break it

You meet every Sunday at 11 am to have a boozy brunch and talk about the weekend. If you happen to break this plan (especially because you’re in some guy’s bed) your friend acts as if you have deeply betrayed him.

He watches shows like Girls with you

He watches Girls, Sex and the City and America’s Next Top Model. And he is STRAIGHT. But it means he gets to hang out with you.


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