Hub UX, a platform that connects real people to qualitative and quantitative market research and user shared a study listing the biggest challenges of millennials in 2022 and beyond.

Fun Fact: Millennials are happy!

Based on Hub UX research, happiness goes up with age. Millennials are happier than Gen Z but less happy than Gen X or their Boomer Parents.

But Why?

Millennials face many changes in the middle of their career and family. Over the last couple of years, they have created a totally new set of routines and support structures.

Today, many companies are requiring employees to return to the office either part-time or full-time. The transition back into office work is making Millennials rethink their lives. Have you heard of the Great Resignation??

What drives Millennial happiness?

Hub UX driver analysis states that Millennials’ happiness is largely driven by concerns around managing their career, financial stability, housing, and leisure options.

What is the impact?

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Millennials were forced to work from home. There was much pushback on the idea of sheltering in place for long periods of time.

Today, they are being thoughtful about what their new normal will be and the tradeoffs they are willing to make relative to their families, their leisure time, their careers, and their overall happiness.


Here is the list of concerns for 2022:

  1. Career advancement
  2. Bills and savings
  3. Increased parenting responsibility
  4. Returning to work in the office