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Showing your teacher some appreciation doesn’t need to cost money.

Educator do a lot to pour knowledge into the future’s best and brightest students, and without teachers where would many of us be?

May 8-12 is Teacher Appreciation Week. All across the country teacher’s will be honored for their impact and contributions to academia and society. It’s important not to let one week take place of the appreciate they should receive all year round.

Do you have a list of teachers you would like to recognize? Here are some creative ideas to show how valuable they are without breaking the bank.

Handwritten letters

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Personalize your messaging with a handwritten letter. Jot down your most memorable times you’ve had in their classes and remind them about the times that positively impacted you as a student. Take it up a notch by adding old photos or memorabilia.

Create a “Snack and Go” table spread

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Who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Create a table of assorted mini desserts, better yet, make it a healthy spread. Decorate the table and turn it to a grab and go snack table. Teachers don’t always have the time to sit down for a full meal throughout the day, and this would be a kind gesture.

Create a video reel

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With the power of technology and a smart phone, you can create videos to show your teacher appreciation. If you are still a student, please create these videos after class hours and not in the class during your teacher’s instruction.

Gift them with self-care supplies

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Health is wealth and so is their mental and emotional capacity. After a long day, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the calming scents of a candle, or scented hand lotion, or a gift card for manicure?

Organize a school wide luncheon

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Teacher appreciation themed parties are going to need a lot of help for faculty, parents, and community members. Get the principal on board to set this up. Find volunteers in the school and designate tasks.