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Our hunter-gatherer days forced us to constantly move and migrate for just about all of our Homosapien needs. But as modern life disconnects us from the outside and technology rules our social lives, it can be challenging to fit in the proper and necessary amount of exercise you should be getting during the day. 

You’ve likely heard that many experts recommend you walk about 10,000 steps a day. That high threshold can change depending on a person’s size, genes, and mobility. Still, it never hurts to get more steps in and make an effort to increase exercise. Here are some fun and creative ways to get more steps in every day! 

Tidy Up 

Cleaning your space around, organizing, and deep cleaning can all help add more steps to your daily routine. Plus, it’s an incentive to tidy up that desk that you’ve been putting off, get rid of old skincare bottles in your medicine cabinet, and clean up the sanctuary while getting some light exercise in! 

Pace Around 

What do you find yourself doing when you’re making a call or brushing your teeth? Next time, try pacing around your home or space when catching up with a friend on the phone or over Facetime—maybe even take the call outside or around the block—or rubbing moisturizer on your face, try walking around. This is a straightforward way to add more steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine. 

Ditch the Car 

If you can, consider your next trip to the grocery store or running errands by walking. This should be simple enough if you live in a more condensed city, but it might make it tricky if you live somewhere more rural and spread out. Even if you can’t walk, park your car further down from the store next time to get that extra calf workout in. 

Ditch the Elevator 

Elevators are overrated. Consider skipping the escalator or elevator ride and opt for the stairs instead during your next doctor’s appointment or a trip to the mall. The best part about stairs, aside from requiring more walking and energy, is that they also provide an excellent lower body workout. Shopping can be a workout, after all!

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Treat Your Pet 

Have a furry friend that enjoys long walks? Consider taking them on an extra-long walk next time you’re out. This is an excellent, full-proof way to rank up those daily steps on your phone or watch, and it involves getting a breath of fresh air—something we could all use more of! 

Commercial Break 

Some ads are too eye-catching to ignore, but they’re usually nothing special. Next time you turn on a flick or new series, take a commercial break and walk around your living room or house until the return to scheduled programming. Save that extra dollar from that ad, and substitute it for a healthier alternative! 

More Music 

Adding music to any activity can boost energy and inspire movement in your body. When cooking or doing a fun home improvement project, consider turning on some upbeat music to help brighten the mood and move those feet around more!

Purchase a Desk Treadmill 

If you work remotely or spend much of the day at a desk in front of a screen, desk treadmills have been trending and are a fun, affordable way to keep the cardio going even while you’re sitting down and focused on something else! It’s an excellent, non-distracting exercise that you can do all day—and it’s the perfect way to get more steps in! 

Whether you’ve been slacking on those daily walks thanks to cold winter weather or want to improve your daily step intake, these tips are easy to incorporate and will help you reach your goals!