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Whether you have a small or large kitchen, storage space is always a challenge—especially with any new gadgets you may have collected over the holidays! 

With a little bit of creativity and some clever storage hacks, you can turn unused space into the perfect spot for some of your kitchen staples. Transform everything from food storage to pot-and-pan organization with these six ideas.

Over-the-Door Pantry Space

If you find that the pantry shelves are often stuffed to the brim, take advantage of some unused real estate and create more storage space on the back of the pantry door. Depending on size, you can install various wire baskets or bins that have slim profiles. If you’re working with a smaller space, an over-door shoe organizer can be the perfect option! Choose a product that has clear slots so that you can see what’s tucked inside, and group smaller items together in a single bin to save even more space.

Storage for Foil, Cling Wrap, and More

Drawers tend to be limited in most kitchens, so save space in yours by moving your foil, cling wrap, sandwich bags, and more to a different location. A great option is to store these items on the inside of a cabinet door—even the one under the sink! Install a wire basket (many will hook over the top of the cabinet doors, but some might require a few screws) that has enough space to hold these slim boxes vertically. Because they’re not very thick, you’ll still be able to close the cabinet door and use the shelves inside normally. Extra cleaning supplies like sponges and scrubbers can also go in these slim shelves.

Make Things More Accessible in the Fridge

If you’ve found that you need more space in your refrigerator or freezer, some clever organization may be the answer. Using lazy susans in the fridge can make it easy to access all of your condiments or other small jars without losing track of them way in the back. You can also repurpose office organizational bins for use in the fridge. Different sizes can corral yogurts, juice boxes, string cheese, and more. Using bins can also give you more space for large items if you end up stacking the bins on top of each other. If you’re after more space in the freezer, try using wire magazine holders turned on their sides and stacked—you’ll be able to layer things like frozen veggies and ice cream bars without everything getting mixed up and lost!

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Store Your Produce Off the Counter

Counter space can be at a premium in many kitchens, so save a bit of room by moving your produce up off the counter and into a basket elsewhere. If your cabinets are far enough from the tops of the counters, install under-cabinet wire bins to hold common items like onions and fruit. If you don’t have much space there, install bins on the end of a cabinet row or outside the refrigerator. For an even more economical design, use a shower caddy and hang from a hook! The multiple levels of baskets can separate your produce and keep everything in sight.

Sliding Spice Racks

You know that narrow space between your refrigerator and the wall? Or the oven and the cabinets? Find or build a small sliding spice rack that can fill that space. If it’s on wheels, you can easily move it in and out or even pull it to the middle of the room for easy prep. Because spices are small and often plentiful, using this hidden space to store your collection can free up a cabinet for bigger items. If you don’t have enough spices to make this storage solution worthwhile, consider using the same idea for cutting boards, cookie sheets, or other thin kitchen items that need a convenient spot.

Hanging Pots

Pots and pans are some of the bulkiest kitchen items, and storing them in deep cabinets can make it hard to remember what sizes and styles are in your collection. By hanging your pots and pans out in the open instead, you can access them with ease and free up some valuable cabinet space. If you have room at the end of your bottom cabinet row, attach a towel rod and hang the pots from there. For even smaller spaces, install an overhead metal or wooden frame using sturdy chains—ceiling real estate is a great way to store things and add an interesting decorative touch at the same time!

The next time you find yourself overwhelmed with clutter in the kitchen, try some of these storage hacks to free up space for the fun parts—cooking and eating!