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We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It is where we prepare ourselves to conquer the day or wind down at the end of a stressful one. Creating a space we enjoy being in can positively impact our daily lives. And getting a new look does not have to be expensive or require a whole remodel. Simply changing the paint and accent colors can provide a fresh feel. Here are some fun color trends and ideas to get you inspired!

Spa-Like Colors

Want your bathroom to be a soothing retreat? This is not a new trend for 2022 but continues to be popular as we think of our powder rooms as more than just bathrooms. To create a spa-like feel, look for paint colors in these pallets: soft blues, greens, greys, and beige. West Magnolia Charm recommends Tradewind Blue by Sherwin Williams, Green Tint by Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore, and Shoji White by Sherwin Williams. 

Artwork with water features, zen stones, lotus flowers, or calming words create reminders that your bathroom is a place to relax and unwind. Candles in complementary colors bring warmth and healing energy. Don’t forget a fluffy bath mat to step out onto. Then, add crisp white towels and green plants to complete your spa feel. 

Earth Tones 

A popular trend for 2022 is bringing the outdoors inside. Perfect for bathrooms with natural stone, there are several directions you can go. Create a woodsy cabin feel, Southwest desert oasis, zen-like Japanese garden feel, or rustic retreat. Better Homes and Gardens recommends earth tones that include Slipper White by Farrow and Ball, Stony Ground earth tone by Farrow and Ball, Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams, Met Grey by Ecos, Olive Sprig by PPG, or Faded Terracotta by Farrow and Ball. 

When decorating, limit artificial metals and plastics, and instead use wood frames, baskets, bathroom sets, and furniture. Use warm candles and lighting. Finish with plants, dried flowers, pottery, and nature photos for your outdoor bathroom retreat. Collect and use items from your travels and start each day reminded of adventures and locations that brought you joy. 

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Simply White

Whites work well as a clean, crisp, and neutral backdrop for your bathroom. Home Stratosphere breaks down the often arduous task of choosing the correct white for your room. They recommend Dove White by Sherman Williams as a feminine and cozy color, like your favorite hand cream or latte froth. Chalk White by Benjamin Moore has a slight grey undertone, while Snow Leopard by Portola Paints’ undertone is yellow. For a color that goes well with green accents, they suggest Design Studio White by Ralph Lauren.  

Real Homes provides ideas on complementing your white bathroom walls to create the look you desire. These include wood paneling, cabinets for a country farmhouse look, or gold lighting and fixtures to create an opulent feel. An all-white theme provides a minimalist and cohesive look that feels serene. Printed wallpaper, patterned shower curtains, or themed window shades can bring in a splash of color and create a subtle theme, such as Parisian chic or beach getaway. 

Go Bold

While many want their bathroom to be a calming retreat, others may prefer a place that gets them going first thing in the morning! Peel and stick wallpaper is a straightforward way to bring fun and beautiful designs into your bathroom. Florals, stripes, geometric patterns are among the practically endless options. Floor or shower tiles are another way to bring patterns and colors into your bathroom scheme. 

Another bold look is black and white. Better Homes and Gardens recommends Tricorn Black Black from Sherwin Williams or Racoon Fur by Benjamin Moore for black accent walls, cabinets, or trim. Many fun patterns do well in black and white, including plaids, geometric designs, subway tiles, florals, and mosaics. Deep purples and golds have long been colors of elegance and luxury and can be used as wall colors or accents. 

Whether you are creating a spa-like retreat, a space that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot, or a vibrant room that brings you energy, small changes to your bathroom can have tremendous results. Select colors and accents that fit the mood you want to start and end your day, and seek inspiration from the places you love most.