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When the holidays end and the decorations go back into storage, the house can feel quite empty! Fortunately, many fun and easy winter décor ideas make for simple DIY projects that the whole family can enjoy.

From rustic wooden centerpieces to soft sweater upcycle ideas, these seven projects will transition your home from cold to cozy in no time.

Macrame Snowflakes

A cozy decorating option during any season, macrame creations are especially welcoming in the winter months. If you’re new to macrame, try this beginner’s tutorial here and stock up on the necessary supplies. Once you have a general idea of the process, follow this guide to make a lovely macrame snowflake. You can vary the size and color of these creations and display several in your living room or entryway! Macrame is sturdy, so you can easily store these snowflakes with your other holiday décor when the season is over and pull them out again next year.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Mason jars are popular these days—from canning to home décor, it seems everyone is using them! You can find jars at most grocery and craft stores or simply recycle any you’ve received from friends and family during the holidays. A winter snow globe is a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your side tables, and you can easily repurpose any small holiday decorations (such as trees from a Christmas village) to use in these creations. Here’s an easy tutorial for making a snow globe that uses clear Elmer’s glue—the added viscosity means the glitter will float down more slowly, adding to the beauty and fun! You can add a personalized touch by displaying a photo inside the snow globe instead of small decorations. Choose a wintery photo memory for an added seasonal touch!

Sweater Pillows

Adding texture to your living space is one of the best ways to make the inside feel warm even when the outside is freezing. Instead of purchasing new pillows or throws, you can upcycle an old sweater (or thrift store find!) and turn it into a pillowcase. There are several easy-to-follow tutorials here (using sewing machines or just stitching by hand), so find a sweater that matches your wintery color scheme and get to work!

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Frosted Bottles

Create various tablescapes and mantle decorations using frosted bottles as the base; the glass will resemble snow and can hold twigs, evergreen branches, or even taper candles. If you cluster several bottles of different shapes and sizes together, you’ll create a layered look that helps add depth and dimension to your space. This tutorial uses wine bottles as a starting point, so don’t be afraid to use any color of glass for your display—a primer spray will cover anything! Epsom salt is an inexpensive and easy way to get that textured snow look on the outside, but you could use white glitter or even confetti for a different finish.

Log Candle Holder

After your holiday centerpieces and candle holders are packed away, replace them with a rustic DIY log candle holder. Almost any log will work, but something with a flat side or end is best for display, and birch is a lovely wood that’s easy to sand and cut. You can create a long piece for holding tea lights or try something smaller that could hold a single candle in the middle of additional wintery items for a nice centerpiece. Spraying the logs with paint or glitter can add an extra touch of sparkle!

Snowflake Garland

Garlands are an easy way to make a big statement in your living space. For a wintry feel, make a garland of snowflakes to hang from the mantle or around window frames. You can create snowflake shapes and colors using craft sticks or purchase snowflake ornaments/foam shapes to string with miniature twinkle lights for an illuminated look. Be creative in your space and hang your garland vertically instead of horizontally if you need a focal point in a bare corner.

Snowflake Coasters

Sometimes you want more subtle décor in a space, so adding small pops of interest around the room is a great way to decorate without going overboard. These snowflake coasters are not only decorative but useful as well! You could easily incorporate a different design—pine trees, mittens, hot cocoa—the choices are endless!

If you’re looking for some winter DIY décor inspiration, start with one of these projects today!