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Summer is almost here, meaning plenty of time to gather outside in the sunshine. But, after the long winter, your yard and house might need a little sprucing up to get them looking their best.

There are plenty of easy, affordable ways to dress up your yard in classily, staying far away from the stereotypical lawn gnome or pink flamingo. Find ways to upgrade your porch, yard, and front door just in time for summer celebrations, and make your house the talk of the neighborhood with the ideas below!

Mailbox Makeover

Your mailbox is often one of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home, so why not make it memorable? You can add a raised garden bed around the post and plant flowers to greet guests brightly, or paint the mailbox and post to match your house. With some extra effort, you can even transform your mailbox into a miniature version of your home. These ideas look great and will help guests identify your home when they arrive.

Boost Your Flower Beds

You likely already have a few flower beds or potted plants scattered around your garden. These are an excellent way to add color and texture to your yard, not to mention a pleasant scent and the potential to attract butterflies. If you’re looking for a way to amp up your flower bed, try adding a simple, clean-lined metal sculpture or two. Or, go bigger and group several of them together to resemble a bouquet. These add interest to your typical flower bed and are a fun conversation piece.

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Give the Birds a Bath

The birdbath is one classic lawn ornament that will never go out of style. Birdbaths are a fun addition to almost any yard. They provide a lovely water element on the lawn, plus a place for avian friends to gather. You can choose one that fits your style, whether colorful and bold or simple and understated. Just keep it full and clean to avoid odors or unpleasant sights.

Box It In

The window box is another classic idea that will still add style and flair to your outdoor space. This simple addition to your window sills gives you a perfect place to add color and creativity to your home. You can start by adding flowers and plants. If you’re feeling inspired to add a small statue or figurine to liven things up, go for it! Let this be a place where you experiment with ideas before going big in your regular flower gardens, and let your creativity shine.

Address Your Address

We all know it’s important to keep your house numbers visible and easy to read for people trying to find your home for a party. But to really make them stand out, consider making your house numbers into a statement all their own. You can buy inexpensive house numbers at most hardware or craft stores and attach them to just about anything. Try tacking them onto planters and arranging those in your yard near the street. Or, if you are a little craftier, you can buy oversized numbers and turn them into a sculpture by nailing them to a rustic board or even welding metal numbers together vertically.

When decorating your lawn, you have a bit more freedom than inside your home, so feel free to let your creativity shine. A few simple ideas can quickly turn into a unique yard that will impress any guest, especially if you add your own personal flair.