Two Black millennial holding moving boxes
How to survive moving back into your parent house Photo: Adobe Stock Images

Being independent, making your own decisions, and living your best life on your own terms has it perks. But what if all of that went away, and you had no choice but to move back in with your parents until you can regroup?

Crazy thought isn’t it? It is however a reality for most Millennials. A quarter of U.S adults ages 25-34 living in a multigenerational home have been on the rise for the past 50 years, according to a Pew Research study.

With the rising cost of student debt, mass layoffs, and housing costs, it’s safe to say that moving back with the parental unit is a place of refuge no matter how cringe it might feel to do so.

For many immigrant families especially, millennials who move at home become caretakers or providers of the family which can cause additional stress.

Moving back home can be a blessing in disguise. You can get back on your feet financially with patience, a plan, and discipline. It will also give you some quality time with you family considering how fleeting life is.

Here are some tips to help you survive living at home with your parents.

Don’t revert back to old habits

It’s easy to go home, relax, procrastinate, and beat yourself up about how you ended in this position but it will only make matters worse. Plus, you are a grown adult, no need to behave the way you did when you were a teenager. Focus and create a plan where if it’s to upskill or save money, figure out what you need to do to have a smoother and quicker exit.


They say listening is a top tier skill. Sit down with your parents and discuss the rules and boundaries of the house. Talk about triggers and examples around the home that may lead to arguments and how to avoid them.

Respect Privacy

Remember that even though this is your parents house, they have to treat you like an adult. They aren’t obligated to know where you are at all times, unless you chose to inform them. Respecting privacy also includes knowing when not to enter into certain areas of the home or knocking on doors before entering a room.

Help out around the house

Now that you are back home, that means your parents have an extra mouth to feed and higher utility costs. Find ways to offer to help around the house or find out what bills you can assist to take the load off. While you are saving money, it is also important to pull your own weight.

Find side gigs

Keep being productive. Find ways to make money, so you can avoid asking your parents for funds. You don’t want your to put a strain on their efforts to retire. Create a budget and figure out how much you can spend month to month.