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Cinneah El-Amin, founder of Flynanced introduces her new podcast called the 9 to Fly podcast. Courtesy: Cinneah El-Amin.

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Black individuals often face challenges when navigating the complexities of finances and career growth, but Cinneah El-Amin is back to give you the gems needed to step your financial game up.

Through her new podcast, “9 to Fly,” she addresses the trials and tribulations of financial empowerment and professional advancement, offering a refreshing and relatable perspective. With her substantial following of over 215,000 people on social media, El-Amin has cultivated a dedicated community, which she affectionately dubs “9-5 hotties,” predominantly consisting of women of color.

El-Amin has made it her mission to empower individuals to take control of their financial destinies and career paths. She has earned recognition for her proficiency in job-hopping strategies, optimizing work benefits, and reshaping careers to harmonize with personal lifestyles.

Having worked in the banking and tech sectors, her journey to financial freedom and personal fulfillment has been inspiring. Despite being laid off from her tech job in February, she views this as an opportunity to step away from Corporate America and focus on her online career and lifestyle platform, Flynanced.

Her overarching goal is to guide others in achieving financial independence so they can build wealth and pursue what brings them joy.

El-Amin accomplished more than doubling her salary in the early stages of her career, progressing from an initial $72,000 to a substantial $186,000 yearly income. She ardently wishes to convey that financial freedom, often perceived as unattainable and requiring relentless toil, is well within reach, especially for women seeking to navigate their careers and financial lives.

The Defender caught up with El-Amin to learn more about her podcast, “9 to Fly,” and her invaluable insights.

Defender: What inspired you to create your podcast, “9 to Fly”?

Cinneah El-Amin: “9 to Fly” is a podcast born out of my passion for empowering young Black professionals and providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their careers. The name “9 to Fly” reflects the transformation we aim for – turning the traditional 9 to 5 grind into a fulfilling career from anywhere. After years of developing my expertise and sharing my journey, I wanted to use this medium to share my story more personally. I wanted to share insights, strategies, and stories to uplift and inspire others facing similar career challenges.

Cinneah El-Amin launches new 9 to Fly podcast. Courtesy: Cinneah El-Amin.

Defender: Your podcast focuses on job-hopping strategies and optimizing work benefits. Why do you think these aspects are crucial for young Black professionals, in particular?

El-Amin: Job-hopping and optimizing work benefits are vital topics because they directly impact your financial well-being and career progression. For young professionals, especially in the Black community, job-hopping can often be a strategic move to increase income, gain new skills, and rise through the ranks. By discussing these strategies, I provide guidance on when, why, and how to make these career transitions.

Optimizing work benefits is equally important; it can significantly affect one’s financial stability and long-term growth. This podcast is another way to tell my story in my own words. I have many women in my network who offer value and want to share their knowledge. I shouldn’t be the only person experiencing their brilliance. Women in my circle will talk about real estate, negotiations at work, building as a creator, and so much more.

El-Amin: It’s essential to infuse a sense of fun and relatability into the podcast because, let’s face it, career development can be stressful! By approaching these topics with a light-hearted and relatable attitude, I aim to remove some of the intimidation often associated with career growth.

I share real-life stories and practical advice in a conversational manner, making it easier for our listeners to connect with the content. Laughter and relatability go a long way in making challenging topics feel more approachable and manageable. The episodes are short and sweet. We try as a team to make the information as digestible as possible. It’s fun and colorful. It’s not an audio podcast. It’s not just for Black women. It’s not just for women. It’s accessible to everyone.

Defender: Are there any other updates for our audience ?

El-Amin: My community on social media is incredibly supportive and engaged. They not only help shape the content we create but also offer insights, share their experiences, and encourage others in the community. This sense of unity is at the heart of “9 to Fly.”

Together, we’re creating a movement where young Black professionals feel empowered, informed, and motivated to reach new heights in their careers. The community’s collective wisdom and encouragement are pivotal in achieving the podcast’s mission. I want this podcast to be for this community. I answer questions live on my podcast and on the Hotline live segments. I want your readers to reach out and share feedback and questions with me.

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