Jollof Rice, Fish Pepper Soup, Okra Soup, and Beef Skewers!!!! Mouthwatering, isn’t it? 

Can you believe Houston is home to some of the nation’s largest African populations? African immigrants are an invaluable part of the Houston community and so are their history, culture, traditions and cuisine. African restaurants are thriving and expanding all over the city. Whatever you may be looking for, the Defender has you covered. Check out our top five Houston-based African restaurant choices.

Aria Suya Restaurant Photo: Official Instagram Page

This is a Nigerian-infused upscale grille located in the galleria area of Houston. They are known for their fusion of Nigerian delicacies and American-style presentation. The restaurant is an intimate and chic fit for a date night or a group party setting. The word “Suya” derives from a spicy shish kabob that is popular in Northern Nigeria. 

Komchop Restaurant Photo: Official Instagram Page

Komchop delivers a cozy fine-dining experience along with its freshly prepared meals. If you’re a fan of seafood, try their whole fried fish topped with red tomato sauce or their fresh fish pepper soup prepared with fresh peppers, onions, crayfish, and other spices. 

Taste of Africa Photo: Official Instagram Page

Taste of Africa is an authentic Nigerian restaurant located in the Houston-Galleria area. They have a wide variety of choices to please your appetite. Jollof, a popular rice dish in the West Africa region, can be accompanied with plantain and an assorted meat option. 

Blue Nile: Photo: Official Instagram Page

Let’s take a trip to the eastern part of Africa for a taste of Ethiopian cuisine. Blue Nile is a family-owned business that started in 1994. Ethiopians are known for their soft spongy pancake-like bread called Injera. Traditionally, meats, stews, and salads are placed on top of the injera. Small pieces of Injera are torn and used to grasp the meat and stew for consumption. 

Peli Peli South African Restaurant Photo: Official Instagram Page

Peli Peli is a South African restaurant located in both the Galleria and Woodlands area. Their menu takes you on a culinary tour around the country’s finest wood-grilled meats, fresh seafood, and desserts. Try their Peri Peri Chicken smothered in spicy Peri Peri sauce or their Boontijie, a slightly spicy flavored soup made with black beans, lentils, fresh tomatoes, carrots, and African spices.

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