A Defender Special

These are the stories that captured our interests all year long.

One of the most popular offerings found on the Community Channel has been our Top 5, Top 10, Top etc. lists on topics of all kinds related to Blackfolk. Here’s what readers said were their favorites. Enjoy; and feel free to send me your suggestions for future “Top 10” lists.

Top 7 Most Sanctified Moments in Black Church History

We have a long history of being some sanctified folk. Check out these top sanctified moments.

Top 10 Reasons Generation X is the Best Generation

Check out these researched and scientifically verified reasons why Generation X is head and shoulders above all others. And it’s not just because I’m a member.

Top 10 Blackest Cars in the History of Ever

In one of their songs, the greatest group ever, The Time, said “Gimmie a little satisfaction; work the stick in my ride.” And Prince sang about his “Little Red Corvette” while the Queen of Soul (Aretha) was going riding on the freeway of love in her Pink Cadillac. As Blackfolk, we be lovin’ our rides. So, we assembled a list of the Blackest of Blackfolk’s wheels for your enjoyment… or debate.

Top 10 Things Young Folk Don’t Know Nuthin’ ‘Bout Dat

I think the title is self-explanatory.

Top 10 Under-Appreciated Superfine Soul Sisters

Again. The title says it all.

Top 25 Most Powerful Marcus Garvey Quotes

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey is arguably the greatest Black leader this planet has ever seen, yet, so few of us know anything about him beyond the BS some of us were fed about him. I say some of us, because for most of us, Garvey’s name was never mentioned in our K-12, and for some, their K-college experiences. Maybe this list will inspire you to learn more about this incredible brother.

Top 5 Reasons Black Millennials are Leaving the Church

If you’re interested in church growth, or just curious about Black spirituality, this is a list you need to peep.

Top 10 Most Quotable Black Movie Lines Evahhhh

When we love a movie, we love hard. How hard? So hard we can recite darn near every line, chapter and verse. But some lines stand out as things all members of the culture are required to know. Don’t believe me? Okay. Go anywhere the Blacks are gathered and say “It’s goin’ rain on yo head” and see how many silent head nods you get.

Top 10 Things Older Blackfolk Say That are Way Inappropriate

Y’all already know, Blackfolk of a certain senior status have zero Fs to give, and will say anything, anytime, anywhere.

Defender Top 10 MCs of all time

This was the “Top 10” list that started it all on the Community Central Channel. And I’m still getting “critiques” on my choices to this day. And I love it! 

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