Food fight

A food fight is underway at Hobby Airport. It’s all centered around Pappas, which includes Pappadeaux, Pappasitos and Pappas Bar-B-Q. The chain may no longer be housed at Hobby after a competing company promised tens of millions more in future revenue during a recent bid to earn the concessions contract.

The recent razor-thin decision was handed down by five city of Houston employees. The result means Pappas, pending a city council vote, will be out of Hobby in favor of a company called Areas JV. Pappas has launched a petition to stay in the airport – and keep the 10-year contract which could net more than $40 million dollars.

This food fight is messy, and the petition makes it seem like they’re being done wrong, and they’re throwing around political and racist undertones that threaten the diverse owners of the Latrell group, who are in to secure the contract. Let’s be clear: Pappa’s isn’t being evicted. They are being outbid.


Rapper 50 Cent nets $325k for his champagne at Houston Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is underway and one of the big events is the “Rodeo UnCorked!, an International Wine Competition.” Houston transplant, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson went home with the reserve champion wine after bidding $165,000 during the auction following the competition. The rapper has won awards at the event for the last three years, including Reserve Grand Champion in 2021. But this year was special! He added Grand Champion Best of Show to his myriad of accolades for his adult beverage, Le Chemin du Roi Brut champagne, a French vintage the rapper owns and promotes. Jackson’s winning bottle sold for a record-setting $325,000 at auction, beating out 3,071 entries from 18 countries.

Brittney Griner honored at NAACP Image Awards

In one of her first public appearances since being released from Russian prison, WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner spoke at the 54th NAACP Image Awards, thanking people for their support and calling for the return of Americans still detained abroad.

Griner and her wife, Cherelle Griner, were welcomed onto the stage by award ceremony host and actress Queen Latifah, who applauded the couple for their resilience.

“It feels so good to be here, especially with my beautiful, amazing wife and with all of y’all here today. I want to thank everyone. Let’s keep fighting to bring home every American still detained overseas.”

Brittney Griner


Dilbert creator’s racist rant

“My advice for white people would be get the hell away from Black people.” – Dilbert comic strip creator, Scott Adams.

Dilbert comic strip creator, Scott Adams is under fire for his racist rant on YouTube that caused newspapers all over the country to drop his syndicated column. His publisher has nixed his book that was coming out in the fall and now Scott is complaining about being “canceled.” Readers agree, this isn’t cancel culture. This is CONSEQUENCE culture. #byedilbert

A tale of two artists

Jonathan Majors’ star is shining brightly. He has a number of blockbuster movies out now, but it’s his latest cover photo for “Ebony” that has tongues wagging. Some consider it “emasculating.” So, we wondered why Majors’ photo would anger so many, but an artist such as Prince would be considered sexy. Readers weighed in.

“It’s the lips/pucker for me…even though I don’t think the Prince photo is “sexy” either, I just don’t like the way Jonathan is holding his mouth.” – Varsavina Cooper

“Prince never presented himself in any other way. He chose his style and was his own man. We saw Jonathan in movies as a strong Black man, not this pursed lip pansy.” – Charlotte Vanessa Jones

“Because WE think we know what defines everything for everyone. Only a confident man would do it and not care what folks say.” – Angelia Vernon Menchan

“The looks are totally different and Prince is Prince. Also, Prince got flack as well; he just dgaf.” – Jeanne Robertson-Stewart

“The problem isn’t ‘everybody,’ it is just the narrow-minded Black community, which was just as bass-ackwards then, with Prince, as they are now. Nobody can emasculate you. If HE feels great, then HE has not been emasculated. Is he still living his life, enjoying whomever he chooses to partner with and expressing his masculine and/or feminine side in whatever manner he chooses? If the answer is YES, then he has not been emasculated.Those labels and perceptions are why young people who actually are gay or fluid live in silence in our community until they can’t take it anymore and remove themselves permanently.” – JD Scott Adams

“Because some people have this linear view of what masculinity is. They’d much rather box Black men in. Most of it rooted in narrow-mindedness and toxicity.” – Indigo Toussaint

Michael B. Jordan calls out former classmate

Michael B. Jordan teased his former classmate who once described him as “corny” while walking the “Creed 3” red carpet. The “Black Panther” star had been chatting with Lore’l, the host of “The Morning Hustle Show,” when she brought up the fact that the two of them were classmates in Newark, NJ.

“I was the corny kid, right?” he recalled in a clip going viral on TikTok.

“I did not say that! I was misquoted for sure!” she said in an attempt to defend herself, prompting Jordan to stand firm, responding, “I heard it.”


RiRi’s Super Bowl show gets complaints

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was too raunchy, according to viewers’ complaints to the FCC. The government agency, known as the Federal Communications Commission, reportedly received a slew of unhappy filings following RiRi’s 13-minute Super Bowl LVII performance.

The FCC amassed 103 complaints in February, most related to the Super Bowl’s halftime show, TMZ reports. Offended viewers argued that Rihanna’s performance was indecent, inappropriate for children and even pornographic. Several complaints grumbled about the “overtly sexual dancing” and explicit content in RiRi’s song setlist.

One filing argued that the “Lift Me Up” singer’s background dancers “were patently offensive and completely inappropriate for children.” A Utah resident wrote to the FCC, saying, “This year the halftime show was so indecent I had to turn off the TV because of the pornographic content.”

“I don’t care what someone worships but children shouldn’t be exposed to pornography, and as an adult I don’t wish to see it… Where has decency gone? How about respect for others and self?” asked a person in California.