Martin Luther King, Jr., was one of the twentieth century’s best-known advocates for nonviolent social change. While methodologies have changed over the years, that passionate fight for justice remains front and center for some local advocates who continue advocating for their causes. Today, we feature Deric Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam.

What do you advocate? Social Justice, Black Male Development, Economic Empowerment, Stopping Inner City Violence, Youth Empowerment

Why and How do you advocate? I advocate because I was born to do so. I am driven by the suffering of my people. Activism is my life. It is also my lifestyle. I speak. I organize. I write. I counsel. I agitate, when appropriate. And, most importantly, I mentor. I am striving to be an effective servant of the people. A few specifics: 1). I am a mentor to dozens of inner city youth. I call them my sons. 2). I founded and teach a weekly Saturday school for Black boys at the SHAPE Center 3). I host the “Smart’n Up” Black Male Summit bi-annually 4). Founder of the No More Bloodshed Movement against Inner City Violence 5). I host the annual “Day of Encouragement” for Black fathers every Father’s Day.

What is your dream? The ultimate goal is Freedom, Justice and Equality. I desire to see the sicknesses of White Supremacy and Black Inferiority die a natural death. I desire a world where Black and Brown children can compete on an even playing field. I believe that, if given an equal opportunity, the cream will rise to the top. I desire to see the oppressed and downtrodden live a decent and dignified quality of life. It is not a dream per se.’ I don’t have a dream. What we have is an agenda.

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