Carl Hampton Day, Sat July 23: 52 yrs since his assassination

On Saturday, July 23, 2022  from 3p.m. – 6p.m. at the Judson Robinson Sr. Community Center (1422 Ledwicke St., Houston, TX 77029), the community will celebrate Carl Hampton Day, Son of Pleasantville

Members of People’s Party II outside headquarters at the corner of Emancipation (Dowling) and Tuam circa 1970.

Carl B. Hampton was the leader of People’s Party II  which later became the Black Panther Party Houston Chapter. He was gunned down by a Houston Police Department sniper on Emancipation Avenue (Dowling St.) on July 26, 1970. 

“At 21 years of age he became a martyr for his bold and uncompromising stand for all oppressed people,” said Kofi Taharka, longtime local activist and national chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF). “The 10-day standoff  between the People’s Party II, their supporters and community members versus the Houston police that preceded Carl’s assassination is a part of Houston’s history that the power structure seeks to keep hidden.” 

Taharka and countless other activists and concerned citizens, will be on hand this Saturday in Pleasantville, the historic neighborhood where Hampton was born and raised, to make sure the late leader’s story remains known to some and is revealed for the first time to others.

“On the 52nd anniversary of this tragic day the Black Panther Party Alumni, along with a number of community and neighborhood organizations, will pay tribute to his memory with educational speakers and entertainment (R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Hip-Hop).  The entire Houston community is invited to come to Pleasantville, the neighborhood he grew up, to honor and learn from the sacrifice of Carl B. Hampton,” shared Taharka.

The event is FREE and open to the public, with families encouraged to come out and participate. Vending is FREE for those selling non-food items. Food vendors, however, cannot set up inside the park. Call 832-671-1830 for vending and event details.