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Did you know that today, Monday, Feb. 13, 2023, is the 30th anniversary of Black Love Day? Well, the Defender knew, and we asked our faithful readers to answer the question, “What does Black Love mean to you?”

Here’s what y’all had to say…

Black Love is a revolutionary act. Black Love means a choice between two people who are actively choosing each other every day, always. This is important for not just us here in the present, but it is important for building legacy. (David Landry)

Black Love is service. It’s empathy; never an empty sentiment in its sincere expression. It’s political and racialized because each person has to make a decision every moment to cherish the other in a world that has devalued the lives of each. Black love is never cheap. (William Chambers)

Black Love is a mutual understanding. There’s no need to play any games, because we both know that we are each other’s back. We don’t fear outside influences, because WE are a strong and powerful team. We know that we are SAFE in each other’s arms, so there’s no doubt about the strength of our love. (Imani Karega)

The first thought that came to mind is love of self and our community (those around us). Losing the mentality of “I got mine. Now you get yours.” And developing the understanding that self care and care for those around us is true love. By caring for ourselves and the community you will grow a sense of pride. This can change your attitude and an understanding of how important and valuable we are. That’s true love. (Demethra Orion)

It’s love between Black people that is rooted in a love of self. It is important because it is a source of strength for our community, both on a personal level and on the level of the broader community. (Danyahel Norris)

Black Love is caring and supporting others as we work on being better for ourselves. We got to work together. (Andrea Moore)

Black Love is Respectful, Uplifting, Empowering, Grateful, Creative, Difficult at times, Revealing, Binding, Tangible, Inspiring, Beautiful, Spiritually Reciprocal and Free. Most of all, it’s BLACKNIFICENT! (Furaha Terri Nairn-Collins)

With Black Love, you are on the same page with each other. You pray together, meditate together. You have real conversations with your husband or partner. You have a spiritual connection with each other. (Corliss Kijikazi Stokes)

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